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Sunday, September 19, 2021

God Blessed Our Dinner Tonight

GOD BLESSED OUR DINNER TONIGHT!!!! We were so happy for a free dinner..

Me, my wife and my mom were deciding so hard on wat to order on meals from the menu so we could save.. Ang dami kasi namin.. And suddenly came up with a meal that would let us save for about 500 pesos. When our orders were served on the table, we asked my wife to lead the prayer aloud so the persons from the other edge of the table could hear the prayer.

My wife thanked God for a lot of things na napahaba yung prayer nya. I was thinking, gutom na ako!!! Ok na yan!!! And after she prayed, I told her, "why is it too long?" With a joke tone. Ha ha my wife just answered "I was just thankful". Then we continued and enjoyed the meal.. When Isaw a man (foreigner) going to1 of the supervisor near the cashier and I said to my wife, magbabayad sya bakit sya talaga yung pumunta sa cashier? My wife just answered, baka hindi sya pinapansin ng waiter.. When the man came back to his table, I realized, the waiters and supervisors were smiling sabay tingin sa amin habang kumakain. And I just said na parang weird yata to ah. Both foreigners already leave their table behind us habang kumakain pa kami.And all the staff from the restaurant were thanking them so hard with a big smile (not a regular thank you). Weird na talaga..

After we ate, my mom asked the waiter for the bill, the waiter whispered that our bill were already paid by the two foreigners behind us leaving a message, " ROMANS 1:16 "THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING ASHAMED OF YOUR FAITH" My mom quickly said, "THANK YOU LORD".. HUMANITY restored by God.. God bless those two people.. We were truly inspired!!!

I will never ever complain for a long prayer. That was a joke though, haha.

PRAY as loud as we can so people could hear and be inspired. Thank you.

Karl Alain Arante

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Buhay OFW

Today marks my 13th anniversary here in Qatar. A chapter in my life where home and work environment was far more different than before. I don't want to tell you stuff about my job, how much I like it (sometimes not), how my work environment is, how my past and present colleagues are, and so on...
I always compare Qatar to the Philippines before like it’s kinda safer here, kundi sobrang init e sobra naman lamig at kung anik-anik pa… Basta isip ko lang na as an OFW for as long as I can work here, I can provide and finance our needs and wants, and able to help my family back home kaya GO! GO! GO kaya ko to’!
Isa sa pinakamasaya at laging kong pinakahihintay as an OFW every month ang SMS galing sa BANK na nagsasabing..."Your salary is credited to your bank account"... 😍 Same feeling as txt ng BF mo na kahit minsan lang ang makaalala mangamusta pero HEAVEN ang feelings! Yan message na yan ang nag aalis nghirap, pagod at inis! hahahaha!
I also said before 5 years lang basta makaipon! Typical mindset ng mga OFW ung basta makaipon para makapagpagawa ng sariling bahay + kunting ipon OK na pwede ng umuwi at mag for good. YUN DIN ANG AKALA KO! 😁
Sakto 5 years nakapagpagawa kami ng bahay at higit sa lahat dumating si Juric sa buhay namin! May bahay na diba so, OK na ba un uwian na?! Ooooppssss… Di pa rin kasi need mag-ipon para sa future ni Juric mahal ang milk, diapers, vitamins, medical check-ups, tuition fees at pano pag nagturo pa yan sa grocery? O kaya pag sinabi na nyang “I’M HUNGRY KAIN TAYO, tapos minsan sasabihan ka pa sa video chat ng ”NANAY BILHAN MO KO NG CELPHONE KASI LUMA NA TAB KO GUSTO KO IPHONE..” Imagine 7 yrs old IPHONE ang gusto! Alam nya kayang kami ng tatay nya walang iphone??? So ayun nga hanggang saan kaya aabot ang savings mo?! Hahahaha! 😆😭😳
But wait there’s more… pag tuwing magbabakasyon kami sa pinas mahirap umalis-alis na magcocommute lang kawawa naman si Juric maiinitan sa byahe (korek! Sya rin ang dahilan kung bakit kami bumili ng sasakyan)
Aside from this, being an OFW I'm proud to say na kahit papaano marami na rin naman kaming natulungan ibang tao… 😎
So un po mga ang reason why until now andito pa rin ako (kami) sa Qatar. If until when? Hanggang kakayanin siguro and I thank you! ☺️
Sa mga akala na mayaman na po ako kasi 13 yrs na ko here hindi po baon rin po ako (kami) sa utang! Kaya ung may mga may utang dyan ALEM NE THIS BEKE NEMEN! 

by Wendz Hiz-Gab

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How to Make Your Marriage Last

Marriage is not just  saying "I do" in front of God. It is a commitment of  two people with each other. To last forever is one of the biggest challenges marriage will  ever face. It will be a tough commitment, but for a couple who believe that marriage will last longer no matter what  will survive longer than those who don't fully believe in the concept of  forever. But sometimes, falling out of love is out of control. We might wake up one morning not in love with one another or just simply fell out of love.

To make a lasting marriage, the couples should know how to work with it. There is no such thing as one way relationship. This kind of marriage will not survive in a long run. It does need a lot of patience and understanding. Fighting is normal as long as it don't end in  hurting each other. Anger is a healthy emotion as long as you both know how to accept your mistakes, apologize and move on.

A healthy relationship can speak honestly with each other, no lies, no secrets. Marriage is give and take, both need to help around the house no matter how busy each other in their job. Don't stop surprising each other, small or big thing can be a surprise everyday. We don't need an anniversary or occasion to show love with each other. Everyday  can be a special day for the partners. It is normal to be abnormal once in a while. Keep things fun by making your partner laugh and feel love with your natural act like silly song and dance.

If you have any of these things, your relationship will last for a long time.