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Friday, July 16, 2010

Amusement Rides

My son grew up without  me beside him. I left him when he was only 4 months old to work overseas. That is why I  missed a lot of things of his growing up years  including his first amusement rides. My only  connection with him was  through pictures that my sister sends me regularly and a yearly vacation.

My eldest  with his cousins when he was only 2 years old. Both my nieces are now in college, how time flies so fast .
At Enchanted Kingdom as part of his 7th birthday celebration. Me and hubby was there to celebrate his very special day.

This is his first amusement rides at Jungle Zone, Qatar.After more than 7 years, I finally got my son.

He was 10 years old here with some Arab children  bumping cars with each others.

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  1. super daming pictures :) enjoy mga kids tlga hihii

  2. dami nman fun rides dito. Gusto ko yang horse h=kahit hindi tumatakbo. What a fun post. thanks for sharing.

  3. love seeing those happy faces :-); looks fun eh.

  4. ahh thats sad pero atleast may pics =)) upadated ka n dn =)

    thnks for the visit sis ha =)

  5. ang daming rides ha dito bihira lang :p mahirap siguro talaga para sa nanay ang mapalayo sa anak pero buti nalang at naging open parin ang communication nyo :)


  6. Fun photos...

    Thanks for the greetings :)

  7. buti na lang may pictures so you were able to see him riding these amusement rides...

    thanks for joining us this week and reminding us moms not to take for granted our every day experience with our kiddos...

  8. wow, enjoy naman talaga sya sa rides.
    ang lake ng horse ha. parang gusto ko din dyan. hehehe
    by the way my entry is here and here
    please also leave your comment here for my son's birthday wish.

  9. katuwa...

    followed you here...

  10. it's good that you were there to celebrate his 7th birthday. I am glad that now he is living with you.

    enjoy na enjoy sya sa rides.

  11. The ?Wet N? Joy? water park at Shirdi is a premier family amusement park for the pilgrims who come to take darshan of Shree Sai Baba. Wet N? Joy features a full day of fun for the entire family, friends or corporate group where you make a splash in t..

  12. 2 in 1 pala tong entry mo te...ehehhe! my gosh,super duper dami ng fun!

    sensya na po te at ngayon lang nadalaw ulit...ingat po!

  13. Whenever I am out having fun at amusement parks, there are always certain rides that I think are so scary that I have to stay outside waiting. Also, on big roller coasters I get so freaked out that I feel sick.

  14. Ang ganda, the kids really look enjoying it. How I wish George grow up fast na so he can enjoy rides too.

  15. the way your body reacts to the forces of gravity is something you have no control over. if you don't like that feeling then i suggest you avoid the types of rides that give you that feeling.


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