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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mayweather Won Over Pacquiao

Mayweather won by unanimous decision, congratulations! Here's what people say about your winning. Source: Facebook

- How to win the Boxing: KEEP RUNNING AWAY and BE A HUGGER. That's how Mayweather was trained.

- The rule to win a boxing fight is just keep running away from your opponent. Keep running away because actually you're scared Manny says "He keeps on running away>"

- Pacman is still the winner not only in the eyes of the Filipino people but of the whole world. Gay-Runner did not fight boxing today, he thought he joined a marathon.

Monday, February 16, 2015

List of Islamic Terrorist Attacks

In my opinion, it is consider "hateful" towards Muslims. A  long but worth reading and sharing post. I may say that finally someone has the nerve to simply summarize it all.  And whether we agree or not to Raul Martinez, there are some truth to it. Here is the whole post.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Car Seat Safety Guidelines

We waited 9 months to  hold our precious baby in our arms. The precious little angel that completed our life. Our one true love, the love our our life. We will do everything to protect them, so a car seat is one thing  that we needed to protect our kids  on their first trip going home from the hospital. I have seen some parents with baby's in the car without a seat beat, they should be ashamed of themselves for being an irresponsible parents. Accidents happens anytime and either all of you or only the child will be thrown out of the car once you meet an accident.  So please, make sure to include a car seat into your to buy list when pregnant.