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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

Love is everywhere, whether it's Valentine's Day or just an ordinary day. And, in the case of these marriage proposals, love can pop out of nowhere, at any time, even while at a hockey game.Whenever girls watch or see romantic and sweet marriage proposal, they are thinking who will do the same to her too. Well, not every woman are lucky to have that kind of guy and not everyone has the usual marriage proposal. There are proposals that are not acceptable by most people and community and will receive the most criticism especially with the religious group or individual.  Let us face it, people of different religion and belief have different interpretations of what the bible says. Is same sex relationship acceptable by God  or a sin?

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Preparation When Grandparent is Moving In

Grandparents has numerous health-related things that they needed and can’t live alone on their  own for so long. Somebody should  accompanied them,  like a helper or private duty nurse. There are families who can’t take their elders in their own house basically because everyone’s working. That’s why they chose  to let them  live in retirement home to make sure they will be taking cared for. This is going to be very sad for them but you can be assured that their health won’t be compromised.

However, if your house is big enough and you can afford to hire a private nurse. You can  renovate a room for your granny. Check  online shopping store for all the things that you will need for their room to be safe and comfortable. See to it that you were able to buy foam wedge for a bed so that they breathe easily. This is ideal for those who have respiratory conditions. They need elevation when they sleep to promote airway circulation.  You can have it carpeted to keep it warm. Too much cold is not good for seniors most especially during cold seasons.

A hand bars inside their bathroom should be installed  to avoid slips and falls and make sure the floor is rubberized. See to it that grandparent's flooring is not slippery. Aside from the comfortable room that they have, they can be assured that they are living with their love ones. This will surely cost you much but seeing them living comfortably is priceless. It is definitely payback time and make their remaining lives worth as special as you can.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Kids Talk Series: Horses

Me and my 4 year old son always brush our teeth together, while in front of the mirror brushing:

son: mommy why do horses poo poo everyday?

mommy: because horses eat everyday.

son: yeah, horses eat a lot of grass everyday, and the grass turn into poo poo and horses drink a lot of water everyday and the water turn into pee pee.

me: that's right, very good.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Father's Appeal to Facebook to see his Dead Son's Video

A father made this video to appeal to Facebook  to see his son's Facebook video  who passed away January 28, 2012. The family can't access his FacebOok account and all they want to see is his Facebook one minute video. His name is Jessy Berlin.  As of this writing the video has 801,170 views, 3,598 comments, 29,107 likes,  216 dislikes and shared by many Facebook users.