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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinoy Teens For Bloggers’ Choice Award

Pinoy Teens has been nominated in the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 in the Bloggers Choice category.
Being nominated  for the Blogger's Choice Award is already an achievement  for Pinoy Teens who has been nominated before at the  Philippine Blog Awards 2009.The blog was one of the finalists for the Best Design category when it was sporting the Revolution Pro Media theme from Brian Gardner.

I believe that Pinoy teen as an active, dedicated and passionate blogger deserves to win the Bloggers Choice Award for this year.Among his achievements are  the recognition from  an international group of people who enlisted his group as part of a top 50 list for College Students, to becoming the Youth Partner of the Youth Engagement Summit 2009 in Kuala Lumpur and  the recent media partner at the celebrateIT event.

Help Him  Win The Bloggers Choice Award by voting for Pinoy Teens!

Here's theMechanics for voting  in the Philippine Blog Awards 2011:
1. Write a blog post about your choice (Pinoy Teens). You may give an explanation why your choice should be the Bloggers’ Choice for this year.
2. Make sure to include a link to the following post:  in your blog post, and make sure to include “rel=nofollow” in the link. They will not count your vote if you fail to comply with these requirements.
For example:
I vote for Pinoy Teens for this year’s Philippine Blog Awards Bloggers’ Choice.
Please don’t forget to make your link nofollow. (If you need help, just leave a comment below)
The link should look like this: [you may use the link below, just copy and paste it into your post when in html editor mode]
Bloggers’ Choice Award
Let us know of your post, comment below so that we can enlist all of them to archive them.
You can vote for only one blog in the list above, and you can only vote once.
Voting ends 11:59 PM of December 2, 2011. You can start voting now

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

I have been hearing and reading about black friday but never been experienced it  until last night .For the fast few  weeks my son has been  bugging me  about it.He wants a Kindle Fire for a birthday present since his birthday falls a day before thanksgiving. I checked out the items on sale and the Lego blocks really caught my attention .Walmart has a  lot of items on sale for a very reasonable price which is a good opportunity to purchase  for the Christmas holiday.The store will start the sale at 10 pm for non electronics and 12 midnight for the electronic items including the Kindle.Me and hubby showed up at the store at 8 pm to look for the items on my list. I focused on the  Lego Blocks ($30) and stayed there up until 10 pm since they only have 12 items left. Aside from the 2 boxes of Lego,we were able to get 3 boxes of Tonka cars ($10 each) ,a Disney/Pixar Cars 2 - World Grand Prix ($20) and an erasable black board($8) for my 3 years old son.I got 5 items for me and hubby too.And the last stop was at the electronics section  for my eldest's Kindle Fire  for only $199.

It is  really surprising how people patiently waited  and following the line for the Black Friday deal.I thought that people would be more aggressive but they were really nice except when shoppers try to cut in the line.I was exhausted going back home but happy because I got want I want for a good discount which is great.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Facebook Virus

Don't be a victim.Think before you click.

Lately there are  new viruses  that is all over facebook. I am not one of the victim yet,as far as I know but some of my friends were. A  pornographic or some inappropriate content were  posted on  their walls/news feed without them knowing it.

So if  you are one of those victims ,try this simple step to clean up your facebook account.

Check out your URL at  the top box of  your  screen.If you  see" http" instead of "https",you do not have a Secure Setting .To fix the problem, just follow the simple instruction to clean up your Facebook Account.

1. Go to Account Setting
2. Click Security on the left corner.
3.Click Edit next to the Secure Browsing.
4.Check the box.
5. Click Save.

Hope it helps.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gagay's Page rank & Thanks Giving Contest

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Georyl’s Christmas Giveaway

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Did Marquez Win Over Pacquiao ?

I am not really a big boxing fan.In fact I've only seen Pacquio 's last 3 fights.As a Filipino ,I am proud of him because he brings so much honor to our beloved country .He is one good example of a "from Rags to Riches" person who raised from boxing to business tycoon and to the most controversial politics. Many were envious of his wealth,girls ,power and popularity even if he don't have the good look.Yes, his money does it all.Manny's money talks.Some girls even wants to be his wife or shall we say " one of his wives" coz Jinky will surely fight for him and his money . And don't forget Aling Dionisia as well, now a socialite in her own way.Lucky mom.

Well back to boxing.The fight according to others were boring .Pacquiao did not make a good fight.Juan Manuel Márquez were not happy about the result.He was so upset just like the first 2 fights.He said he was robbed for the 3rd time.They first fought way back in 2004 where Pacquio knocked down Marques 3 times in the first round.They fought again in 2008 and Marquez lost his WBC Super -Featherweight title over Pacquiao in a controversial decision.Now, the 3rd fight is to really know who is the best fighter between them because  Marquez believes he won  on the 1st two fights. Unfortunately, he did not make it again this time.Like the 1st two fights he was not the only one who were not convinced of the result.Some of the Filipino's have doubted Pacquiao's winning too.What else is new?

Will they fight again to know who really deserves the throne.We'll see ,anyway, boxing is a business and as long as sponsors and boxing fans are willling to spends millions of money there will always be next time.

So when is the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr 's fight will be? For sure Floyd is so eager to kick Manny's butt. Hope that their camps will come up to an agreement in the near future.

The judges scorecards was shown in the end 115-113 (Dave Moretti) for Pacquiao, 114- 114 (Robert Hoyle) and 116-112 (Glenn Trowbridge).

Coach Freddie Roach posted on his Twitter account a photo of the punchstats from... today's match. Pacquiao had 176 total punches connected, compared to Marquez' GMA News

Foot Stopper Trick of Marquez .He apologized after each step but I don't buy it.



Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sad Truth About OFW's

Maraming OFW ang nangarap maka-home run and eventually you see them going back to where they are working. Bakit hindi pa rin sila makabalik sa Pinas? I'm a son of an OFW, almost everyone in my family are OFWs and most of my classmates in college are OFWs. With it, I have seen these usual challenges:

1. Doodads: Bili ng malaking flat screen TV, Iphone every year, bagong kotse and blow-out with the barkada for 2 weeks.

2. Lack of financial literacy: They simply don't know how money can work for them. In fact, the concept of passive income for them is too good to be true.

According to Parkinson's Law: The demand upon a resource tends to expand to match the supply of the resource. With my kamag-anaks, they level-up their lifestyles, kasi nga naman, sabi nila, malaki na ang kita nila.

Now here's the sad fact. After 6 months, OFWs go back hunting jobs in the newspapers to sustain their families here. Kasi, ubos na ang pondo.

Expenses today are getting bigger and bigger and the best way to do it is plan ahead. Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

True, very alarming  but most OFW'S don't care at all as long as they have all the latest gadgets. Okay lang naman daw ubusin buong salary kasi next month ay susweldo ulit. 

Ubus ubos biyaya bukas nakatunganga.

source: Facebook

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fall is the Beautiful Season of the Year

It is  the best time to enjoy the outdoor with kids.

The trees stands beautifully playing with the cool blowing winds .

Leaves are changing colors and falling down to the ground.

 Rain pours over to welcome the most awaited season.

Birds are coming back chirping happily all over the place.

 Animals loves to pose for a photo shoot.

Children have fun  with a big pile of dry leaves.

Thank God its fall again.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Redbird


Taken  last year

I love Fall season.I was happy last week  when I opened the main door. Birds were flying all over the place .I saw my favorite Redbird  hanging on the barbed wire that gated my vegetable garden but flew away when they heard the noise coming from the door. I ran inside and took the camera but all the birds were gone. All I saw were  black birds  chirping on the trees.

All the birds migrating to another place and comes back during fall and spring. They can’t take the heat  in Oklahoma. I don't blame them moving to a cooler place. Who likes summer anyway. And thank God it's fall again.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ulirang Ama at mga Pasaway na Anak - An OFW Story

Karaniwan nang  ang mga  OFW ay nagtitiis ng ilang taon sa ibang bansa para mapag aral  ang mga anak. Nagtitipid at tinitiis ang pangulila matustusan lang ang mga gastusin sa eskwelahan. Subalit ilan ba sa kanila ang nagtagumpay na mapagtapos sila. Si Manong OFW ay isa sa nakikipagsapalan sa Gitnang Silangan na  mahigit 20 taon ng malayo sa pamilya mapagtapos lamang ang 3 anak.

Narito ang isang kabanata sa buhay ni Manong OFW base sa isang salaysay na talaga namang nakakaantig ng puso.

             Madalas  kong  inaabutan si Manong OFW na sa tingin ko ay mahigit 50 anyos na kumakain sa kusina, shifting kasi siya kaya either papasok or  kakagaling pa lang sa trabaho. "Hi kuya, musta po?"ang bati ko. Napansin ko na ang ulam nya ay pritong tuyo at kamatis, minsan naman tuna or itlog, halatang super tipid. "Hello ma'm eto, ok lang, kain po tayo ma'm." masayang sagot ni Manong OFW. Takam mode pero di ako nagpahalata "sige lang kuya akyat muna ako sa taas sandali." muli kong sagot habang paakyat sa taas ng bahay paupahan na kung saan ay isa si Manong OFW sa matagal ng nangungupahan ay sumagi sa isip  ko na madalas siyang nadedelay sa upa dahil exam ng anak at may mga bayarin sa eskwela. Mabait si Manong kaya pinapayagan na lang ng landlady dahil alam na nga ang sitwasyon nya at isa pa nga ay di naman kalakihan ang sweldo nya na halos ipinapadala lahat sa pamilya. Maya maya ay bumaba ulit ako, "kuya wala yatang tao sa taas? hintayin ko lang po sila sandali” ang sabi ko kay kuya na patuloy pa rin sa pagkain. “Musta na pagbubuntis mo ma’m?” tanong muli ni Manong OFW . Na sinagot ko naman ng “Ok lang po kuya, kayo musta na trabaho nyo at pamilya sa Pinas?” “Ok lang din, kahit mahirap ay tinitiis”, patuloy na sagot ni Manong OFW. Konting tiis pa kuya, makakaraos ka din pagkagraduate ng Nursing mo! Nahihiya man ay muling sumagot si Manong OFW “Di ko na inaasahan yun ma’m, eh yung anak kong 3rd yr sa Nursing nag-asawa na di na tinapos ang pag-aaral.” Nagulat ako subalit di nagpahalata,pareho kaming natahimik  at doon ko nakita ang lungkot sa kanyang mga mata. Bigla ko tuloy naalala ang anak nya na ka FB ko kung saan nakikita ko ang mga gimik at lakwatsa kasama ng barkada sa pictures at ngayon nga nalaman ko na lang na nabuntis  pala at nag asawa na.

Nung mabasa ko itong kwento tungkol ke Manong OFW ay hindi naiwasang maawa ako at makaramdam ng inis sa mga anak nya. Karaniwan na nating naririnig na di bale ng walang ipon o investment basta mapagtapos lang ang mga anak pero sa kwento ni Manong OFW hindi lang nawala lahat ang pinaghirapan nya kundi pati na rin ang pag asa nya. Pero sino nga ba ang makakapagsabi ng future? Sino rin kaya ang dapat sisihin sa mga nangyari sa anak ni Manong OFW? Siguro nga swertihan lang ang magkaroon ng matinong mga anak ? Ano nga ba ang tamang pagpapalaki? Ang daming katanungan pero mukhang mahirap sagutin. Pero isa lang ang masasabi ko, sana wala na lang mga pasaway na anak.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide,  just like any bloggers, I always wanted to share my posts to others to get more readers but some groups set so many rules and one of them is by not  allowing members to  share daily blog posts on their walls so I created this  group to help bloggers promote, share and exchange links without so much rules to follow.

The group aims to build camaraderie among fellow bloggers around the globe and help members on opportunities to make money online, increase and build traffic, gain followers, blog comment exchange, share experiences and many more.

Everybody is welcome to join the Filipino Bloggers Worldwide group and can add friends too. To join go to  and click "Join the group".

Happy Halloween-Trick or Treats

candies after Trick or Treats

Yesterday was my little boys field trip together with parents.They went to town for a Trick or Treats , picnic at the park and came back to school for some games and a halloween party. Kids had fun riding the bus to and from one place to another asking for some treats.We went home with a bag full of candies and it did not end up there because at night time I drove my 2 kids for another trick or treats and a haunted house visit. My eldest son were complaining about how unfair these people are .He said his little brother receives more candies  than him from the home owners who were mostly old folks. It was discrimination according to him. I explained to him that it’s not and the reason was that J is a cute small boy and he is already a teenager. Both were happy and can’t wait for the next year’s halloween.

 fire department

 Shoe Store

 Rehab center

 Stage department store

Happy Halloween!
mommy moments