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Friday, December 20, 2013

Official Statement: The Robertson Family

The family of Phil Robertson, the patriarch in the popular show “Duck Dynasty” who was suspended from the show following his recent comments on homosexuality are considering withdrawing from the show.

“It seems like, to me, a vagina -- as a man -- would be more desirable than a man’s anus," Robertson said, "That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to offer. I mean, come on, dudes! You know what I’m saying? But hey, sin: It’s not logical, my man. It’s just not logical.”

“Everything is blurred on what’s right and what’s wrong. Sin becomes fine,"he added. “Start with homosexual behavior and just morph out from there. Bestiality, sleeping around with this woman and that woman and that woman and those men. Don’t be deceived. Neither the adulterers, the idolaters, the male prostitutes, the homosexual offenders, the greedy, the drunkards, the slanderers, the swindlers -- they won’t inherit the kingdom of God. Don’t deceive yourself. It’s not right.”

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Truth About Christmas Celebration

Christmas is not Christ's birthday, he wasn't actually born on December 25th. There was so much controversy over when he was really born, but whatever everyone thinks of Christmas, each one has the their own belief bases on the religion they arevinto But does that make any difference to you? We grew up celebrating Christmas. Children's were made to believe that Santa Clause has a naughty or nice list and that he gives toys to all the nice kids on Christmas night. Exchange gifts is also a part of it because of the wise men who presented gifts to the Christ when he was born.

This one was posted on Facebook. I find it interesting what she  said about Christmas and the reason why she don't celebrate it.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Elizabeth Oropesa's Open Letter to Mar Roxas

Mar Roxas has an open letter from Elizabeth Oropesa, one of the Philippines veteran actress.The letter was posted on the actress's  Facebook page that has gone viral. The letter was referring  on the video controversy between DILG Secretary Mar Roxas and  Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Get Involved in Your Child's Education

Child's education depends on parents but sadly most of them do not take an active role in their education. There is a good impact for children's performance in school when parents are involved in their studies. They will be more motivated toward school and get better grades and test scores, enjoy learning, improve their skills, graduate from high school at higher rates, go on to higher education, and have more positive attitudes, develop self-esteem  and confidence in themselves and be better prepared for the future.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Racist Delivery Man From Papa John's Pizza

Two delivery drivers from Papa John's pizza in Sanford are out of a job after an inappropriate voicemail information messages statement showed up online. It started when one of the drivers pocket-dialed an African-American customer in Sanford, creating a voicemail information messages with obscenities and repeated racial slurs.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to Make Money in Article Writing Even Without Self-Owned Blog Or Website

If you have the talent and skills in article writing and want to monetize your skills but don't have a website, here are some of the most popular ways to earn while enjoying what you are doing

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Honda's Scratch & Win Where Everyone Is a Winner

I just won $1, 000 from Honda dealer's scratch-off ticket but apparently not. There seems to be an error here. I always receive this stuff and never win any of them. I checked online and here is what I got, "Honda Dealer Sends Out Scratch-Off Tickets Where Everyone Is a Winner." It was a printing mistake made by the direct mail marketing and promotions agency that the Honda dealer contracted for the services. The agency was supposed to send out 50,000 scratch-off tickets with only one grand prize winner of $1,000. They already sent out about 30,000 scratch and win tickets before anyone noticed the printing error.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Irritating "Nice Post", Thanks For Sharing

I don't mean to stick my nose in others business, but I can't help but noticed some members commenting to almost all the post in Bubblews with " nice post and I liked it", "nice post", "interesting article", " thanks for sharing." I am not pointing at someone in particular, but they know who they are. Don't you have other words to say for a change? Why not leave a relevant comment by reading the posts first.

I think Bubblews should make additional rule, "All comments should be relevant with 5 or more words, Interesting post, nice post, thanks for sharing, nice article are not allowed will not and will be deleted. Members are the only ones who comments and visits each others posts for the sake of earning money. They will get paid through views, comments and social shares and the fastest and best way to do it is through post hopping.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crime Reporting Tips for Beginners

It seems that there are a lot of concern Bubblews member who loves to spy on members who violates the rules, well that is great! Okay, you got into this Bubblews exchange group or let me put it this way, you joined because you want other Bubblews writers to read your post and syndicate as well (do not deny it). I guess you are into a lot of group, and whoever joins such group is guilty enough of violating the " 2. Abusing our likes/views/comment system by partaking in exchange groups and requesting for them through other Bubblews' members'. You won't join in  Bubblews  if you don't care about the$25 redemption or shall we say you will not register in Bubblews at all, I bet none of you will stay here for free including me.

So my tip to those playing good and loyal members, investigators, or secret agents.

1. Don't act yet unless you have solid proof/evidence.

2. Contact the admins of Bubblews to inform them about the group.

3. Invite them to the group.

4. Once they are inside the closed or secret group, then they can investigate, do the proper documentation, shots and gather all the bubblews members invloved in the "crime".

5. From there, they can do the necessary actions with proof and evidence to present.

6. Make a blog post about it and yeah, you will get a lot of views and comments. See you earned and helped the moderators in busting this exchange views and social syndication group.

My advice is think first before posting controversial issues, I know you only got over excited and was very eager to make a post and be a good members in the moderators eyes. Now that you exposed this group with 100 members, made an article about it, tagged all the moderators , then what? Did you accomplish anything. Yes, I know, you showed the members that you and the others who commented on your post are the only ones who do not violate the Bubblews site. Very good and good luck, may you have many more cheaters to bust here.

photo source: google search

Monday, September 23, 2013

US VISA Scam Email

I got the US VISA Confirmation today from my email. And I knew right a way that this is a scam. This people do not stop until they get money from somebody.

If you receive one like this, please do not reply.

From the Visa promotion

UnisUS visa lottery program

(Case Number:- WAC20131474649001)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Is Jackie Chan Anti-American?

Jackie Chan earned millions of dollars for doing some American movies and has millions of American fans but now into controversy because of several anti-American remarks during an interview for a Hong Kong tv show.

Chan said that America is “the most corrupt country in the world” and that the Chinese people should be proud of their country.

Friday, September 13, 2013

White Christmas Lyrics

Let it Snow, Let it snow, Let it snow...

It was White Christmas in my place. Snow fall started right after it rained and did not stop until midnight causing an electric power failure for 4 hours during night time. I took some photos to post on Facebook for my friends and relatives to see. There was nothing else to do, no television and internet so  my kids and I went to bed early. We woke up the following morning with more snow all over the place. This is the picture of my snow coated tree last winter.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Important Things to Remember When You Travel

Are you a person who traveled around the world or have been to any cities and countries in the world? Some are lucky to have visited in more than 20 countries and a countless cities already and some are just first timers. If you are a well traveled person, then you already knows the do's and don't but for the new ones, here are the travel tips which can be use as a guide for your first trip.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Poem For Janet Napoles

by: Precy Jurado

Tula'y para sa yo, Janet Lim-Napoles
Ang dapat sa iyo'y, mahuli ng pulis
Madami na ang sa iyo'y tumutugis 
Dahil sa 'yo, mga pinoy nagtitiis

Sunday, August 18, 2013

An Open Letter to Janet Napoles

Sobra nga naman ang ginawa nitong si Janet Napoles saPilipinas. Hindi mo akalain, ginawa nyang tangengot lahat ng Filipino na nakatutok lang ang  mga mata sa mga gahamang pulitiko. Mga pulitiko na subok na ang pagiging kawatan. Si Janet Napoles pala  yung  matagal ng  magnanakaw na tumutulong sa mga Senador at Congressman na maibulsa ang pera ng bayan. Si Janet, isang civilian na yumaman dahil  nagpursige na maging tagapamahala sa  pagkabuwaya ng mga pulitiko,  at mag ayos ng  mga kailangang papeles para mapasakamay nila ang bilyun bilyong piso ng Pilipinas na galing sa mga  tax payers na naghihirap sa pagtatrabaho at ni hindi makabili kahit kakarag karag na sasakyan. Ito ang isang sulat galing sa galit na galit na mamamayan na siguro kahit makarating kay Janet at sa pamilya nito ay babalewalain lang nila kasi makapal na mukha nila at hindi tinatablan ng kahihiyan. Sige lang tago lang ng tago pero sana mahuli ka rin at maparusahan.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Never Judge Anyone

I just read a very touching story that touched my heart. The father of the dying patient was so mad to the doctor for being late for the operation. It is a matter of life and death but the doctor came in calm and did what he is supposed to do to save the patient. After the successful operation, he came out to inform the father the good news, and told him to ask the nurse for some information and hurriedly ran out of the hospital. The father thought of him as an arrogant doctor until he learned about the Doctors burden to the nurse.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kailangan Bang Mag Abroad Ang Mga Magulang?

I have 4 children. 1 girl and 3 boys. I am always active sa school nila being a stay at home mom sa aking first 3 children. Dahil active ako sympre laging PTA class president ako . Hanggang classroom lang ang gusto kong papelan di ko na kakayanin ang buong school. One time they needed parents to have a symposium with students. There were 4 parents, and I was one of them. The parents are to sit on the stage while the whole auditorium was filed with 1st to 4th year students.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pagkakaiba ng Magulang na OFW Noon at Ngayon

Noon: Kaya kami nagtatrabaho para mapag-aral at mapagtapos ng kolehiyo ang mga anak namin

Ngayon:  Kaya nga kami nagtatrabaho para maibigay sa mga anak namin ang mga bagay na hindi namin naranasan dati.

Ang laki ng kaibahan ng klase ng mga magulang noong araw at sa modernong panahon. Wala na yung mga magulang  na nagpapakahirap magtrabaho para mapagtapos ang mga anak or kung meron man ay kakaunti na lang. Pangkaraniwan ng naririnig na katwiran sa mga magulang ngayon yan pag nasabihan or natanong kung bakit nila pinamimihasa ang mga anak sa pagbili ng mga materyal na bagay. Hindi na priority ang  pag aaral basta may latest cellphone, tablet, ipad, iphone at lahat ng luho na maaring  ibigay sa  mga anak at asawa. Ayaw papahuli  ang pamilya at maging kawawa sa mata ng ibang tao.

Share Your Shining Moments

One guy made a surprised video for his girlfriend of  9 years. According to the him, "I'm doing this for Iya because she doesn't expect anything grand from me, it's always like a little things". Then the rest is all about the notes, "roses are red, violates are blue." hanged all over the room. The video looks like a real sweet
gesture from the boyfriend. Some girls who watched the video even said, "super kilig." Really?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Oldest Identical Twins

Charlotte Eisgrou and Ann Primack, ages 103 years old are the oldest identical twins alive. Despite their age, both are healthy and strong, surprisingly neither of them are using eye glasses and hearing aid. They both use a cane to walk, but are healthy and independent. Primack even survived ovarian cancer years ago.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kids Talk Series: Proper Hand Washing

Clean hands are one of the best way to keep us away form illnesses caused by bacteria. It stops germs from spreading from one person to another. Soap and water is enough for a clean, germ free hands. We do clean our hands before every meal, when preparing meals, after using the toilet, after blowing our nose, coughing, or sneezing, after touching the garbage, animals and more.

My son loves to wash his hand, one day while watching him cleaning his hands, he showed me the proper way to do it. Here are his step by step procedures:

Step 1. Put soap on your hands.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Allstate: Good Hands for the Good Life

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo allstatelogo_300x60_zps5487a605.jpg

As a young child, I always dreamt of a good life. My parents were poor but did not fear life's challenges. Education was the only thing that they could give us for a better life. They worked hard to make sure each one of us got a college degree. And by God's grace and guidance, we all moved on to the next chapter of our lives when all the goals were achieved. We moved to a new house, far away from were we grew up, a much better place to live, in a good neighborhood.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vice Ganda Apologized To Jessica Soho

Vice Ganda finally apologized to GMA news anchor Jessica Soho on the noontime show "It's Showtime". According to Vice Ganda, he called Jessica Soho to privately say sorry, but the journalist declined to talk to him so he decided to make it on public. His comedy remarks about Jessica Soho's weight and gang rape during his concert in Araneta were meant to be jokes.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vice Ganda vs Jessica Soho and GMA News Reporters


Vice Ganda and the  GMA news subordinated are now all over the news and social media. it is a delayed reaction about Vice ganda making Jessica Soho's as a laughing stock on his May 17 concert.  The two minute monoloque  is about Soho doing a bold movie titled “Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Sobra,”. Vice Ganda  joked about  Soho having a hard time using a weighing scale, “Ang hirap nga lang kung si Jessica Soho magbo-bold. Kailangan gang rape lagi. Sasabihin ng rapist, ‘Ipasa ang lechon.’ Sasabihin naman ni Jessica, ‘Eh nasaan yung apple?”

Monday, May 20, 2013

Five Top Ways Pods Can Help Organize Your Home

Clutter doesn't happen all at once. Your home can take on a surprising amount of stuff over the years, so when it's time to get organized, move, or make room for new additions to the household, the clutter can take you by surprise. Moving pods are a great way to take care of the clutter without spending a bundle or potentially throwing away things you may want to keep. Here are 5 ways Pods can help get your home in order.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Philippine Election 2013: Filipino's, the Worst Voters in the World

Partial election results are all over the social media. And whether we like it or not, partial results will most probably be the final results. Based on the results, the leading were the most controversial candidates during the election campaign, those belong to the political dynasty or trapo, Aquino's relatives, Binay's OJT daughter, Fernando Poe's daughter, Estrada's son, ex politician who was charged and sentence for crimes, graft and corruptions, one lady senator who was busted for undeclared assets from another country, a son of the sitting chamber president, former senators spouse and children.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Philippine Politics: Gusto Maglingkod or Mangurakot?

Hindi na nakakapagtaka kung bakit halos magpatayan at gumastos ng malaki ang mga kumakandidatong Filipino, usually mga Trapo or mga Kamag Aanak Inc. na tinatawag tuwing eleksyon. Pero syempre waalng aamin na Pulitiko at iisa ang sagot nila na obviously alam na natin. Pero sige lang, since paulit ulit lang naman ng tanong at sagot, pagbigyan na natin sila.

Ellen DeGeneres Invited Another Talented Filipino on Her Show

Aldrich Lloyd Talonding, 14 year and cousin, James Walter Bucong from the Philippines were invited by non other than Ellen DeGeneres to be a guest on her show. A cousin posted the video of Aldrich singing a Luther Vandross' "Dance With My Father" on Facebook and another cousin uploaded it on YouTube. The video becomes viral. Zendee Rose Tenerefe another Filipino YouTube sensation, also known a the “Supermarket Superstar,” helped “Ellen” producers get in touch with the boys.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Importance of Water Safety When Buying a Pool

The addition of a pool is a wonderful way to bring value and fun to your home. A pool can easily become your family’s favorite gathering place as well as being a spot to bring friends together. The attraction of a pool is magnetic, especially for children. That’s why it’s vital to keep safety guidelines in mind. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Home Gardening Project

Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. I love planting vegetables and herbs that I can use for daily cooking. Nothing beats fresh produce. It maybe cheaper if I just buy in the store but  the feeling of excitement picking fresh vegetables from the garden whenever you cook is out of this world. I already started a garden in the front yard and they are doing great. Read my posts here: Hello Spring and Vegetable Garden and Fresh Vegetables from my Garden

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Children and their Unending Questions

Today is my kitchen cleaning schedule. After checking all the emails, my blog sites, Facebook and not to mention feeding the little one that irritates me and the dog all morning. Yes, crazy morning, I made him two paper airplanes today, he insists on two planes, so mommy ended up doing it just for him to leave me alone doing my thing.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Little Angels Prayers for Every Day

I won a perfect book for my 4 year old son titled, "Prayers For Every Day". Roma Downey's Little Angels series  is a faith-based series created just for preschoolers. The stories focus on eight Little Angels who are guardians, teachers, and companions to twins Alex and Zoe. It includes 50 prayers for every topic that you could think of like Prayers for Morning, of Praise, of Thanks, for Mealtime, for Others, for Help, for Guidance, for Forgiveness, Comfort, and Bedtime. This book is a great educational tool for children with simple and colorful illustrations of small children and little angels.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Top 12 Tips For the Event and Loot Bag Bloggers

Nagulantang naman ako kanina pagbukas ko ng Facebook, may mga messages ako ng latest kaguluhan sa mundo  ng mga Bloggero. Ako naman sabay read mode at iniisip kung sinu sino itong mga involve na character. Masyadong masalimuot, may mga email daw sa 400++ na bloggers para sirain ang reputasyon ng kalaban nya. Ang daming links na dapat basahin may mga messages at tweets pa talaga silang  ebidensya.  May mga  takutan pa at palitan ng maaanghang na mga salita. Lahat kanya kanyang hugas ng kamay, pagpapabango ng pangalan at pagkuha ng simpatiya.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hello Spring and Vegetable Garden

It is spring time again, my favorite season of the year. Spring officially started yesterday, and that means gardening for people like me who loves to plant and grow my own vegetables. I have a mini garden this time, not like the big one  I had in Oklahoma, where I used to live in a 20 acres property at the middle of nowhere. Since we moved to another state and in the city, all I have is a small backyard and front yard. I decided to put up  a mini vegetable, herb and flower garden right in front of my house. And I am excited to show how it look like at the beginning of spring season.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Cooper Tire: My Every Day Road Trip Contest

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cooper Tire for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Cooper Tire & Rubber Company specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of passenger car and light truck tires and subsidiaries that specialize in medium truck, motorcycle and racing tires. The tires are built for peoples safe journey from ordinary trip to the store or a long road trip, so when people choose a Cooper Tire to drive on, they are getting a tire they can depend on a road trip too.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Continuously Improve Yourself

Education starts from home when your parents taught you how to move about, talk, and think like pointing the right object or fitting the right shape into its place. The school gets you further academically most of the time. There comes a time you learn a sport or two and even taught some skills to get by. As you go along, you finish high school and you found yourself wanting to pursue a specific course in college. It is something you may have wanted to become later in life or you simply took the course for practical reasons.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby Name Revealed

Queen Elizabeth, Britains Queen for a very long time is going to be a great grandmother  in months time and probably an heir to her name.  And since royal baby will be the future ruler of England, Elizabeth is just a perfect name for her. The baby will be born in July and right now, Kate Middleton  doesn’t even know the gender of her baby either.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My 4 Year Old Can Read

My little boy learned the alphabet all by himself by heart before he turns 3. Credit goes to  VTech Learning Laptop, his constant companion since he was a baby. He started schooling at age 3 and doing pretty good in class but when we moved to another State, he stopped  schooling. He is  not allowed to go to kindergarten yet because of his age, school only accept 5 years old and I also enrolled him in head start but he is on a waiting list until  now. So, as a mother,  I have to teach him at home to not to waste his time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Child's Prayer

 Prayer is simply communicating with God. Believers pray through memorization of a certain prayer from the church or religion and some prays freely, spontaneously and in their own words. Our kids prays according to what we teaches them and whatever religion we are in. I teaches my kids to pray as simple as possible. Basically, a prayer that only includes "thank you" and "Please" for asking something from God.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Good Name

How do you value your name? Is it synonymous to credibility, honesty and truthfulness? Billy Joel's song, Honesty, goes like: "Honesty, it's such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue." Just look at the political news, it is not hard to find dishonest people and yet these same people expect to be treated with honesty as if they deserve it! In the Philippines, there is a popular saying, "Ang magnanakaw ay kapatid ng sinungalin." (A thief is a sibling of a liar.) With so many thieves and so many liars, it really seems that honesty is hard to find.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dad Offer His Daughter $200 to Quit Facebook

Paul Baier's, pays 14-year-old daughter $200 to quit Facebook. He makes his daughter  sign a contract to quit Facebook for five months. The payment will be on an installments plan. Rachel gets $50 if she could stay away from Facebook through the middle of April and another $150 if she makes it  in five months which is until the end of June.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Parenting: A Never-Ending Responsibility

What is a parent? Everyone have their own definition or understanding of what a parent is or should be. Our meaning to it largely depends on our own beliefs, orientation or sometimes our own experiences in life. Even our society or the media in particular would try to instill in us their own definition of a parent. Because of this, the definition of parent has become somewhat tainted and obscured.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Walmart Apologizes for Humiliating a Cancer Survivor

Walmart has issued an apology to a costumer who tried to return a $13 book given by  a son as a gift. The staff asked for a receipt as proof of purchase but she cannot present it,so she was asked to produce a photo ID. The incident happened at Northland Walmart, Kansas City. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do You Screen The Songs Your Kids Are Loving?

Do you know any of the songs that your kids are listening to? As a good parent, are you teaching them moral values? Or are you the liberal type of parent who lets his or her kids to learn what is available in their generation?

No good parent actually brags that his or her child is having moral issues, one who has no regard for what is right or wrong. People giving praises to your child because he or she has been raised to be a good one is a good parent's medal. While others go for the grades of their kids in school, sometimes the kid gets stressed to the point of cheating, thus, such makes him academically good but morally bad.

"What is wrong with songs today? Why do you even have to care what they like or not? It is simply a different generation, they do not even like the oldies, I don't like the pop songs, we are even, to each his own. Why should I care?"

Exactly the point. Many songs today have lyrics that are not morally upright. A good parent should at least let the child know that it is so. Liking the bad song sends signals to the brain that it is all right. Many songs not only depict the life of many adulterers and adulteresses but curses are even widely accepted. Being the trend does not make something wrong, right. Being widely accepted does not mean it is okay. If you care for the moral upbringing of your children, you should be caring about what gets into their heads, spoonfed by today's television and movies and the society around.

"It's just a song." Yes, but these songs subconsciously teach your children what you as a parent should be doing instead. Not caring what goes in their head can break their moral fiber. "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." -Solomon, the wisest man who lived on earth, Prov. 22:6.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hand Washing and Multivitamins go Hand in Hand

When it comes to staying healthy, taking a good multivitamin and washing hands frequently go hand in hand in when it comes to staying healthy. Everyone knows the benefits of taking a good multivitamin is important, but many underestimate the importance of how important it is to wash their hands often. Even those who are taking multivitamins get sick, that is why it is always important to take the time to wash your hands as often as possible.

Friday, January 18, 2013

My Lucky Day

Last week, I joined a lot of giveaways online, hoping to win even one. I have no luck in any contest, so I rarely try it even if  I want to join the Miss Philippines beauty pageant back in my younger years. I disregard that big dream of being one of the Miss Universe. Anyway, I don't know if this really happened or was just one of my dream, I was the second year high school "Class Muse, 19XX". And don't dare ask the year coz you'll never know. Seriously, don't take it seriously, I was just kidding about the beauty queen thing, I am not that beautiful and sexy to join.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Miss America 2013

Mallory Hagan, 23-year-old, was crowned Miss America 2013. The pageant was held was on Saturday night in Las Vegas. She is a native of Alabama, at 18 with less than $1,000 in her pocket she moved to New York to follow her dream of becoming a beauty Queen. She began competing in pageants when she was 13 year old and tried for Miss New York in 2010 and 2011 before winning last year.Prior to Miss America title, she was the title holder of Miss New York 2012, Miss New York City 2011 and Miss Brooklyn 2010.She also won the pageant's swimsuit competition portion.