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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shameful Photo's At The Crime Scene

It really gets into my nerve when I watched the news from ABS CBN's Magandang Gabi Bayan  reporting about the pictures taken from the hostage scene with no other than the police officers with the bus as a background .

 It was even more irritating when more pictures came out form other sites with students and SOCO group as if they were  strolling or on a exhibit area.

How  insensitive these  creatures  are.Shame on you all! Sino kaya mga magulang ng mga batang ito at di yata naturuan ng tamang asal at bonggang bonggang nakapost pa yata sa FB nila


  1. how sad.. i've heard about these pictures but this is the first time i saw it. whoever these people are should have been more considerate..

  2. Why do they have to take pictures where the hostage drama took place? wala man lang respeto sa mga namatay..

  3. ang tingin ko dyan, it is their glory that they were there sa site ng crime scene. Its like, I love me, I love me, whom do you love? hahaha.
    Me first. My glory. Wish you were here.
    Nakaka eng eng ha.

    Wala sa kanila ang feeling of emphaty na may mga namatay. Lalo na hindi nila kaano ano ang mga biktima.

    Also, feeling nila it is just a film.
    Only in the Philippines.

  4. akala ng mga magagandang dilag at poging pulis may shooting lang naganap para sa telenobelang madalas mapanood.
    ano ba yan.

  5. shameful indeed! parang hindi nagiisip ang mga taong ito tsk tsk.

    a timeto weep and a time to laugh

  6. What a shame, they should be more considerate.

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  8. It's really insulting on the part of the Chinese victims. Wow! It's like, "Hey, I'm in the crime scene. Look at me."
    It's adding insult to the injury. Unbelievable people.

  9. I remember this event to be last year August 23, 2010 kasi ito ang time na na stroke ang father ko and we were in the hospital after that day.

  10. It is quite disrespectful to the victims of the hostage that these photos were taken. It is not something to be proud about.


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