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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Duggar Family Extortion Plot?

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Teresa Sullivan Hunt, an Iowa photographer has been charged by TLC  with extortion for allegedly threatening to sell photos of  Amy Duggar, a cousin of Jim Bob Duggar and also one of the cast member of the show " 19 Kids an Counting".
 The photographer sent a letter to the cable network demanding $10,000 and the shut down  of 19 Kids and Counting in exchange for photos showing Amy Duggar in  an “intimate situations” with a 56-year-old male acquaintance and fellow musician.
Referring to 19 Kids and Counting parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Hunt’s alleged letter said they “claim to be so Christian so they keep popping out more babies to keep their ratings up. Meanwhile (two names redacted by the FBI)are doing the nasty behind closed doors.”
Amy Duggar, denies allegations that she is involved with the musician and that there are no compromising photos of her with the musician, “It’s totally untrue. He is a longtime family friend who has always been supportive of my music career. He’s a good Christian and it’s upsetting that his generosity has been exploited like this.”


  1. It scares the crap of me when people tend to accuse someone of doing something they really didn't do. Perhaps they did it but more proof, please.

    With the TV show by the way and the people involved in it, i have no idea who they are. I just wish that the truth be told.

  2. it is one of the reality show here in the US .A family ,husband and wife with 19 children and counting.

  3. It is not really easy to e accused. I just hope the truth will prevail.

  4. I am sorry ms. Tess but I hope you don't mind me asking if this accusation is about the show or in real life?


    1. sa real life yang accusation.pero magandang promotion na rin sa show

  5. I remember in Romblon, there was one woman with 21 kids. They were poor and didn't have enough money to support each child, so the elder kids had to stop school and work early. Tsk tsk tsk!

  6. O can't believe that a show like this exist, I maybe don't want to gave birth just for the sake of the show. Serves that extortionist hope he contempt

  7. We can't really say if this is true or not since this is the entertainment world we are talking about. Surprising things happen in the industry just because of envy or for mere publicity stunt.


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