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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Basic Horse Need

Last week, I made a post about Horses who came for a visit. I called my husband from work, he told me to put them in the pasture land and find the owner in the neighborhood. The same day, I found the owner of the three horses 1/2 miles away from my house. The owner came to check the horses and asked if I can keep them for a week. He even offered to give us the horses if I want to but my husband refused, we are going to move to another state next month and we might not be able to give horses all the basic needs they needed.

Basic needs of a horse
1. Pasture- Horses are should not be keep in the stall or stables all year round . They are happiest in a natural environment where they can graze, free to move around and socialize. Make sure that the pasture is fenced mesh wire, vinyl rails, wooden, plastic. It should be safe and free from loose wire fences,and rusty farm machineries. 
2. Nutrition- Aside from grass in the pasture, hay and concentrates are also needed by the horses. Hay is the basic food of horses however concentrates like grains, sweet and manufactured feeds are also needed to supplement the hay.
3. Water- Fresh water is a vital part of the horse's diet. Horses drink from 5 to 10 gallons a day. Clean water should be available at all times except when the horse is very hot from work. As you cool out your horse, allow him to take several small drinks rather than giving him free access to water.
4. Shelter- Horses are sometimes kept indoors in buildings called either barns or stables on winter and summer. There should be a clean, dry area for the horse to lie down.
5. Minerals and salt- A mineralized salt block should be available free-choice. Consult a veterinarian for a vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements of the horses.
6. Health care- Horses needs daily monitoring and veterinary care. Horses has one or two minor injuries or illnesses during the year and may also get a minor check-up, vaccination and deworming.
7. Companionship- Horses needed another horse, or any other animals for companionship.

Here are some of the photos of horses with my son.


  1. the owner is very generous that he is willing to give you one, i wonder if it is because he can no longer tend to it?

    your son had a great day with them!!

  2. i can see your son enjoyed them, they're beautiful, i just wonder why their owner would like to give them away?

  3. That is a huge 'pet', I must say. :) They looked healthy and beautiful. :)

  4. Me, Miss Tess I like a horse!!! Ha ha! Your son seems so fascinated with horses he is not afraid to touch them! He is amazing! And to think that children are usually afraid to touch big animals!

  5. Wow, 3 horses -- what a lovely sight! I've always loved horses but I've only rode one like once in my entire life! Seeing your photos made me reminisce that time in my life. =P

  6. Unusual visits from horses,that's interesting. Also interesting is the fact that horses need salt. I've heard goats also need that...

    I always wished I owned a horse and then I can learn horse-back riding. I've seen those Mexican soaps where the girls are so cool riding their horses.

  7. I want to see horses but im afraid of them...

  8. san kayo dito? ang gaganda mga horses!talagang ready ka na sana mag alaga a.. un lang be submissive daw sa asawa hehe..

  9. The owner's offer seems perfect though
    for your son's delightful reactions on the horses.

  10. Your son seems to enjoy a lot with those horses around. ^_^

  11. i don't have a horse but it definitely needs the 7 things you listed. i'm really concerned with the 7 though because animals, like humans, get lonely too if they are alone.


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