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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things To Do After College Graduation

College graduation is one of the most important days of our life, after 14 years or more. The much awaited day has come, a day where one receives an academic degree upon completion of studies. It also marks the beginning of a new phase in life.You feel proud but at the same time a little down which is totally normal.

Graduation is also the start of a new career and marks the new stage of life. We are expected to find a new job to support ourselves. Gone are the days of asking money from the parents. It is time to give back the gratitude to them by helping them out once we started earning.

My niece just graduated from college last week, she took up BSBA-Export Management at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. She is actually the first niece in our family to graduate from college so all the family members were excited.

Here are the things that you might want to do right after college graduation.

1. Sleep

You've been stressed for years. It's time to relax and catch up on sleep at least until you have a job. Sleep without worrying about school or anything about school.

2. Reunite with Old Friends

It is time to catch up with old friends that you might lost in touch with. Enjoy their company once again, go out see a movie, invite them for a lunch or a cup of coffee.

3. Travel

Travelling depends on the budget. Explore the city with just a couple of friends. A road trip is the best idea, you don't know what surprises are in store for your trip. You deserve a break after sitting in a classroom listening to long lectures and doing hours of homework. If you have a budget take a Carribean cruise, Zafari Trip or visit Europe for the summer.

4. Get engaged

Now that you've graduated, take the next step. If you have a love from college, this is the time to get engaged and plan for the wedding.

5. Partying

You may want to party with co graduates before you go on separate ways to face the new chapter in life. This serves as a farewell party with classmates and friends that has been a part of your life for years.

6. Spend some time with your parents

Pretty soon, you will get a job, a place for you to live in and move out from your parents house. Before moving on, spend some time with your parents and they will really appreciate it.

 7. Job Hunt

After gathering enough sleep and energy, it is high time to look for a job. Don’t be choosy when it comes to finding your first job, it’s just the first step in landing your dream job.


  1. After graduation, I signed my employment contract already even before starting my review and after I passed the board, I immediately work just a few weeks after. I think it would be best for graduates to take a few months to transition to the work force as usually once you start working, it's like having a life sentence. You have to do it until you retire.

    1. Same with Franc, after graduation I was already teaching college students' summer class!!!.. and slept through weekends! Love your list!!

  2. still waiting for that day.......:(

  3. i agree with most of the points EXCEPT for the Get Engaged part... clumsy at it may read but the graduation speech in Eclipse was true.. after graduation is the best time for people to commit mistakes and LEARN. I believe that getting engaged this early on adds unnecessary pressure when couples should be instead enjoying each others' company OUTSIDE the confines of school

  4. Make the most of the time in between work and graduation as you'll get tp miss those times when you start working.

  5. After graduation, I had to take the board review for my upcoming board exam that day which gave me a few more sleepless nights and drinking sprees. :D

  6. No.1 talaga yung SLEEP? Haha.

    Yes, that's correct. Don't be choosy when it comes to your first job. Once you gained experience and confidence, you can find better ones later on. :)

  7. These are some of the common things to do after graduation. If you wouldn't mind I may add doing community volunteer work/job, Church service, among others.

  8. Great tips! I did the #2. However, I wasn't able to do 1,3,4 and 6 because I was a working student during in my college days.
    P.S. I also like that graduation speech in the Eclipse book,especially the line: "don't be afraid of making mistakes because when you did, you already what's right for you".

  9. I thought #1 sa list ang job hunting. Sleep, wow yan ang ginawa kong una after grad. Sus napahaba ata at hanggang ngayon natutulog pa rin ako.

  10. After my graduation I got engaged. Too bad. Hahahahaha. Wrong move I guess. I should TRAVEL more.

  11. I did something which I now recommend to fresh grads to NOT do: work right away. Getting hired right out of college is a nice affirmation of ego and personal skills, but it may too often lead to a fast and early burn out. I took a month of a breather after a year or so, and I'm more relaxed now :)

  12. Milestone kung milestone yan! haha I never had my work after graduating. I continued studying after that. But I still enjoyed life after college. :)

  13. I had work right after graduation after being one of those recommended by my school to different companies so I didn't really had the chance to think of other options. I was very excited to earn.

  14. getting engaged? agad? i don't think so. there's a lot of opportunities waiting for these newly grads and having a family could hinder them from taking on such opportunities

  15. Oh, after I graduated.. I literally slept for long periods of time! I savored the moment actually since I was hired for work 4 months after I graduated.

  16. Yay! I hope makagraduate na rin ako. I envy my classmates they're going to graduate next year. But kung papipiliin ako I wanna sleep as much as I want! XD

  17. Why not replace the last one, job hunt, with business investing . Much better right? I mean, time for Filipinos to change their mindset.

  18. I did all that you listed after my graduation except for one - get engaged. haha! I remember wanting to finish my studies as soon as I can. But when I graduated already and got no allowances anymore from my parents, I wanted to go back. Haha!

  19. I already done most of the list though being engaged, LOL I don't think so. I might somewhere near 30 or up but not now, I must focus first on my career. Great post mommy tess :)

  20. Ooops! I just had a conversation with a Dutch friend about this. Cute co-incidence! He was insisting that one should take one year vacation after graduating from the university. Some sort of a Sabbatical period. Travel or do things that you really love to do before you dive into the workforce. He said people often neglect this human need and just go straight into what's typical - study, work, get married, grow old. In my case, I worked right away after graduation. And I think, for most people, we can't afford to delay work because of the need to earn as soon as possible to support the family. But if we can afford it, by all means, take a break :-)

  21. While all my other friends headed to work after graduation, I pretty much bummed around for nine whole months before I started job hunting. It was refreshing to have some time to just do nothing and worry about nothing.


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