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Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Home Gardening Project

Gardening is one of my favorite things to do. I love planting vegetables and herbs that I can use for daily cooking. Nothing beats fresh produce. It maybe cheaper if I just buy in the store but  the feeling of excitement picking fresh vegetables from the garden whenever you cook is out of this world. I already started a garden in the front yard and they are doing great. Read my posts here: Hello Spring and Vegetable Garden and Fresh Vegetables from my Garden

Today, I am done with my 4 days project. Doing the garden bed kept me occupied this past few days. It is not easy digging the dirt to remove all the weeds and building up the frame. I used all the spare  blocks in my back yard to save me some money. I originally plan a wood frame but our wood piled are way up in the storage building and there is no way for me to get them down so I used some decorative stone garden border  fence. Hubby will be proud to see  my project this weekend. He always tell me not to do this kind of work or the "men's job". Wait for him or get our son to help me out. But I rather do it or it won't be done forever. Hubby comes home tired from work, the son goes home from school, will eat then  go to his room to study, and I don't want to bother them. I can do light work as long as there is no heavy lifting and it is no big deal to work this out during weekdays while they are all gone. 

The next thing to do is buy some top soil, mulch and trellis for climbing plants. I already checked all the stuff needed including the prices between Home Depot and Walmart. We are not a big fan of Lowes, we only go there when we can't find what we need from the two  stores.

Here is my little girl, guarding the whole backyard while mommy is busy with home gardening. She always makes sure we are all safe inside and outside our house.


  1. My husband and I are planning to have our own herb garden. I agree with you that nothing beats fresh produce, and we can make sure that no chemicals is added on our food.

  2. We shared the same hobby. Gardening daw is for the 'adult' ones. LOL. Nice plant bed. Mine is wood -framed. Also I buy top soil form Victoria, Laguna, reddish and very fertile. Okay ang guard mo, inaapakan ang plot.


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