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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Vice Ganda Apologized To Jessica Soho

Vice Ganda finally apologized to GMA news anchor Jessica Soho on the noontime show "It's Showtime". According to Vice Ganda, he called Jessica Soho to privately say sorry, but the journalist declined to talk to him so he decided to make it on public. His comedy remarks about Jessica Soho's weight and gang rape during his concert in Araneta were meant to be jokes.

"May mga naoffend, may mga binato sa aking issue na meron akong nalampasang linya, may mga sinabi akong hindi maganda, may mga tao akong nasaktan, natapakan,” Vice said on “Showtime.”

Vice Ganda's joke involved GMA news anchor and vice president for news and public affairs Jessica Soho. Vice also mentioned rape.

If he had it his way, Vice would have preferred to keep his apology to GMA news anchor Jessica Soho.

“Buong puso ko pong gustong humingi ng tawad. as much as possible ayokong gawin papubliko kasi ang plastik....kaya tinawagan ko po kanina si Ms. Jessica Soho,” Vice said on Showtime.

The comedian said Jessica answered the phone but told Vice: “Pasensya ka na pero masama ang timpla ko ngayong araw.”

When Vice asked if he can call again another time, Jessica reportedly said: “I don’t think so.”

It was then that Vice decided to air a public apology on “Showtime” not only to Jessica but to all those he may have offended with his jokes, particularly rape victims.

“Sinasadya mo man o hindi mo sinasadya, sabi ng magulang ko humingi ka ng tawad at paumanhin,” Vice said.

“It is a comedy concert, a comedy show, an enlarged comedy bar show,” said Vice, who first gained popularity as a stand-up comedian.

Other personalities he mentioned in his jokes, he added, included his network colleagues Kris Aquino, Boy Abunda and Kim Atienza, as well as senator-elect Grace Poe and Nancy Binay.

He also stressed that he had no intent to make fun of rape victims. Vice, talking about Jessica in his concert, said that if the new anchor were to figure in a rape scene, it would have to be gang rape.

“Hindi ko po kailanman gustuhin na kutyain ang mga rape victims. Hindi ko po ginawang pagtawanan ang rape victims,” Vice said.

This is all what people want to hear from him and as usual each of us have our our reaction toward the public apology. Okay nasa ang public apology kaso humirit pa on his parting words, "Kung hindi niyo ako nauunawaan ako ang uunawa sa inyo".

I guess, he did not  learn a  lesson yet, medyo may pagmamataas pa rin. Well, what do we expect from a "Vice Ganda".


  1. ang taray talaga ni Vice Ganda ....

  2. I watched this episode earlier. I personally don't know what to say to this issue. I feel sad for Ms. jessica and I feel pity on Vice as well, because of all the bad comments. Oh well.

  3. When is a comment favorable? And when is it not? I remember one statement that says, "Think what you say, before opening your mouth." VG is in showbiz while JS is in TV news. Everyone has a realm of his/her own.

  4. Yes, Vice Ganda acted unprofessional when he bashed Jessica Sojo in a public event. It's good na nagpublic apology siya. I just the video earlier. :) However, I really don't know much about the issue kasi there are many other things na mas interesting kesa kanila..

  5. Comedians who make a living at the expense of other people are not very good in their craft. Those are my two cents. The guy goes too far too often. Worse, he was a celebrity guest at an event my friend worked for. She said he was very, very difficult.

    But, you know, hurt people...hurt people. I'm sure Vice has been also been at the receiving end of barbs as well, and therefore his brand of comedy. Sad.

  6. I watched this earlier at Showtime. I salute Vice for realizing his wrong and learning to ask for forgiveness. :)

  7. I felt bad really about his chosen subject on that joke. For me what Ms.Soho did was just right and frank enough for him to pick up some lesson by now!

  8. Good thing Vice Ganda apologized to Jessica Soho, for what he said was "below the belt."

  9. I'm not one of Vice Ganda's critics, but I really feel he went overboard with his joke this time. Although it's nice he finally apologized to Ms. Jessica Soho and public pa, I don't think it's sincere enough.

  10. Well, I hope he's really sincere. You see, there are no gray areas in life. It's either good or bad. If you think that what you've done is not good, then it's bad. You shouldn't have done it in the first place. Just a quick thought.

  11. I don't hate VG for what he did, but it's not likable anymore. Saw this sa showtime, I've been watching almost all his shows since he started at the noon time show. He's a good comedian honestly, but this time he already passed the limit. Nakakasakit na siya, good thing he made a public apology though.

  12. I am honestly a fan of vice ganda. Its just sad that he is going through this right now. Though, I feel that he really crossed the thin line making jokes to someone else. But its also a good thing that he apologized and I hope that he learned his lesson and this was an eye opener to him and be more careful next time.

  13. The event was an enlarged comedy bar.. this is actually true.
    if anyone here had been to one, then you've heard jokes far more dirtier than this overblown spectacle.

    My understanding of comedy is that there is nothing below the belt, only people that are too sheltered that they dont know how to react. In some ways, life is little too boring or tragic, but we can't move on if we take it too seriously, we instead make light of things that should'nt be laughable at someone's expense.
    So in my honest opinion, all has been said and done. Apology has been accepted, and there is no need to drag this controversy further.
    Algene is correct, there are things far more interesting than Vice Ganda or even Jessica Soho.

  14. I think he was not sincere at all. I like Vice but when I watched the concert on youtube, I really thought that his comedy act was so cheap. 50% making fun of people, 30% bullying and only 20% for originality.

    Anyway, this issue's already done, so let's move on.


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