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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Share Your Shining Moments

One guy made a surprised video for his girlfriend of  9 years. According to the him, "I'm doing this for Iya because she doesn't expect anything grand from me, it's always like a little things". Then the rest is all about the notes, "roses are red, violates are blue." hanged all over the room. The video looks like a real sweet
gesture from the boyfriend. Some girls who watched the video even said, "super kilig." Really?

Everyone thought it was a marriage proposal but end up not. The title, Iya Shines, uploaded by Pantene Philippines, is all about hair (Shines) which is the commercial aspect of the video. "Iya thought she was going on an audition, little did she know that Drew has something much more special planned for her, a surprise that she will never forget. Nine years together as a couple, Drew is witness to how Iya has grown and transformed into a mature, confident and even more beautiful woman. Now he feels is the perfect time to show Iya how he loves the way she shines..."

The video shows the women's capacity to shine in everything they do. Obviously, this is a part of Pantene's promotion for their advocacy for women over the years. However, I found the girl, sweet, romantic and any man is lucky to have her as a wife. For 9 years, she loves him unconditionally, without expecting anything. A beautiful woman inside out who deserves the best man in the whole world. Someone ho will marry her and show how much he loves her. Someone who can show the world how much she is love by producing a real surprised video.

We are all aware that marriage doesn't work for everyone. But many of us still values the sacrament of  marriage despite the modern worldSome  women are in a relationship for years, a college graduate with successful career but still wondering if this somebody take her as a wife. It is frustrating to be with someone for years, pretends to be happy and contented with everything going on with the relationship.  Is there a minimum amount of time to be with someone before thinking about marriage? How Long Is Too Long to Wait for a Guy to Propose? And how long can a woman wait in a relationship until she gave up on the idea of marrying a guy?


  1. There should be no minimum period of time be with someone before thinking about marriage..a woman can always ask her guy about his plans or maybe just wait for the right time. Cool video! :)

  2. I really like couple this couple and quite hoping that Drew would propose to Iya soon. The video is really cool and would've been better if it wasnt a TV ad :)

  3. They're already in their 9th year and still going strong! I hope to hear wedding bells from them soon! :D


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