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Friday, September 6, 2013

Important Things to Remember When You Travel

Are you a person who traveled around the world or have been to any cities and countries in the world? Some are lucky to have visited in more than 20 countries and a countless cities already and some are just first timers. If you are a well traveled person, then you already knows the do's and don't but for the new ones, here are the travel tips which can be use as a guide for your first trip.

1. Go to the airline's website to check out the guidelines. Know which items not to bring on a plane. Safety restrictions varies from one country to another.

2. Most airlines allow one small bag and a  small carry-on  suit case. Keep your most important items like book or  sweater in your small bag that you might need during the flight .

3. Be sure to bring and wear the right clothes. Check what is the weather look like in a country you are travelling to bring the right clothes to wear. Plan your outfits ahead of time to avoid over-packing.

4. Wear the Right Shoes. You are going to walk whole day for sight seeing do not wear heels day or you will just torture yourself. 

5. Check the Currency of the Country you are visiting. It is important to have the some money of the country you are going to visit.

6. Don't forget to bring the credit card. You might need it in case something untoward incident happens.

7. Do not forget to bring US dollars. This is the only currency that is accepted worldwide so make sure you have it in your wallet.

There are still some travel reminders that you might want to share, please do so.

Have a safe and happy trip to all!


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