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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Get Involved in Your Child's Education

Child's education depends on parents but sadly most of them do not take an active role in their education. There is a good impact for children's performance in school when parents are involved in their studies. They will be more motivated toward school and get better grades and test scores, enjoy learning, improve their skills, graduate from high school at higher rates, go on to higher education, and have more positive attitudes, develop self-esteem  and confidence in themselves and be better prepared for the future.

When I say parents, dad is included too, there should be no excuses like, "I am busy with my work to put food on your table and roof on your head." Participating in their education is one of the most important things you can do to ensure their academic success. Drugs, alcohol use and violent behaviors tend to decrease as parent involvement increases.

5 Ways to Get Involved in Your Child's Education

1. Ask if there are anything we can do to help: Parents can give your child the kind of one-on-one help the school may not be able to give. Know their  strengths and weaknesses, to give them  all the help that they needed most.

2. Getting to know the child's  teacher: It wont hurt us a bit to build a good relationship with teachers. It is good to set a time to meet with your child's teacher to ask questions about how they  teach and discipline your child. The better they know you and your child the more they can help. Stay in touch with the teacher and school councilor through out the year

3. Taking parts in school activities and events: Parents can offer to help with class  or the entire school by attending the school functions and events, support the fund raising, volunteer as an aid to the classroom, cafeterias, parties and other activities.

4. Getting to know other children and parents: Knowing your child's classmates, friend and their parents, will help you talk with your child about the good and not so good things that happen at school. You can invite the your child's classmates to your home after school or even for a sleep over to  create bonds that last a long time. Knowing them  help him or her avoid "hanging out" with the wrong crowd.

5. Showing your child that you value education: Encourage them with love, praise their efforts and guidance them with their studies. Provide a variety of reading materials or go to the public library together to read or do the research together. You show them the value of education as well as spending quality time with each other.

 Fun way  to get involved in your child's education

My little boy loves to study, now that he learned how to read by himself, he is into rhyming and spelling. Writing  and coloring is not fun for him but he can do it well too. Anyway, as mother I make sure to teach him in a fun way. School only teaches him what they want to watch in kindergarten which is mostly sounds and letter identification which my son already knows since he read very well at his age.  

Showing  your child that you care, really makes a big difference, get involved in anyway you can is the important thing.


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