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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Story behind the Father Who Abandoned by Daughters

Napoleon Timonera got what he wants when the so called hunger strike caught  the public attention. His story and photos were shared in Facebook as te father who begged not only for money but for public sympathy as an abandoned father. A father who was reaching to  the public to  help him get in touch with his 4 daughters. According to Napoleon, they abandoned him and did not receive any financial support. He worked hard as an Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) to send them to school and now that he is old and can no longer support himself, he needs financial help to survive. And if ever he dies, his body should be sent to one of his daughters.

The photos was first posted in one of the Facebook page on August 13 to help this man send his message to his children, and been updated to give the one of the daughters (Mic Ng) side of a story:

"from Mic Ng:
Sad to know that there are really many people that would rather judge first before knowing the real story. They would rather hurt people rather than know the truth first. I pray that you yourselves are also blameless and have the right to judge.

I initially planned not to respond anymore and just keep quiet because this has been going on for almost 3 months already and we're quite tired. First of all, look at his poster, he says he is looking for his daughters, why then does he know our phone numbers? Answer: because HE KNOWS WHERE WE ARE and HE HAS BEEN IN CONTACT WITH US all these years. Why has he been in contact with us? Dahil HINDI NAMIN SYA PINABAYAAN. In spite of leaving us and having many mistresses already (the one he has today is his 4th), we have supported him financially, we have offered for him a place to stay. Why then is he doing this to us? Because he has another family to support and he is old already.

He has seen that in spite of the broken home he has given us, we have strove to rise above the problems and get a better life while the path that he has chosen has lead him to nowhere. Now he is asking a much larger amount, threatening us that if we did not give, papahiyain nya kami sa mga tao at sa media.

He has been doing this over and over. Pag nag bigay kami, then hinto ang pananakot. We know that if we give in again this will last for a short time only. Pag naubos ang pera, balik uli sa pangba-blackmail sa amin. So this is the interesting story of our lives that we have wished to keep to ourselves - because this should be a private matter.

I don't want to explain any no longer. I'm content that our friends and relatives know who we are and the real story and they have been supporting us through all these trying times. Those who are bashing us, take time to think. Not all that you are seeing is the truth. Know the truth first. Before you judge, look inside you and ask yourselves.

Kung anong panghuhusga ang ginawa nyo sa kapwa nyo, ganyan din ang ipapataw sa inyo. Have pity on my mother who is old already - and we're taking care of her. She is the hero in this story but the one being praised now is the man who left us and is crediting all our achievements to himself. By the way, ang asawa ko ang nagpatapos sa akin. So thank you everyone for giving us your thoughts.

Thank God that you have not gone through what we went through and what we are going through now. God bless you all."

My say: We heard both sided of a story, and  the once under dog father came up to be a villain. I believe in the saying, "you reap what you sow" and  "respect begets respect. " To gain respect, you  you must work for it.  A good parent will not humiliate the children in public no matter how bad they are. It is not the children's responsibility to give parents financial support  but it is our duty to give them all the comfort in life for what they have done for us. A good children will do everything  to give their parents a good life as a way of showing our love and gratitude for taking care of us.

Source:  pinoy radio Online

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