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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little J is Going to School

On May, I applied my son to a pre school for this school year. I filled up some paper works and submit the necessary documents for approval .After a month , I received a mail from school   informing that  J  is on a waiting list . Their priority are the low income family. So to make the story short ,my son did not make it to school. Yesterday, I got a phone call from the school .They have a slot for J and was asked if  I am still  interested to enroll him. I was hesitant to say yes because he is doing good in home school aside from the fact that I am gonna miss him  for whole the day  if he go to school. On the second thought I want him how to learn to socialize with other kids so I decided to give it a try and enrolled him today .He was so excited to go to school and ride the school bus with his kuya.

Enrollment and orientation was done after 2 hours . Everything is free, books ,school supplies ,food, tooth brush ,school bus .All he needs to bring is a back pack to put his blanket, extra clothes, wipes and other stuff. Free education in USA ,what else can I ask for?

Next stop is shopping for a back pack , comfortable shoes ,underwear and clothes.

Tomorrow is gonna be a different day for my J. , no momma only teachers and classmate .Hope  he won’t cry in school and look for me. Good luck on his first day .


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