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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Children's Book- I'm a Caterpillar

If you have a kid in your house then you have a lot lot of children's book that your kid's loves mommy to read for them. Kids may not know how to read yet but by looking at the colorful pictures alone, they learn to appreciate the story. One  thing that I noticed from my son was, if the book has  no pictures and just letters, he will ignore me and will be  useless to force him to listen and I will just end up in a high blood mode again. So, what I do is, breathe deeply, keep calm, then  move on to the next book.

One of my son's favorite book that he is not tired of reading again and again is the book "I'm a Caterpillar " by Jean Marzollo. The book is one of the many children's book that the school sent home to the students for free.

It is a textured-paper with cute illustrations of a life cycle of a caterpillar, to a pupa then to a beautiful butterfly. The author's extra-large print and short sentences enables first graders to read it alone. The colorful pages of the book  and the story presents  just enough facts about the life cycle of a caterpillar to interest young kids.

The book was written for kindergarten to 2nd Grade students and comes in English and Spanish version, Soy Una Oruga. To get a copy just go to and other online store for $0.99 -3.99.

I wrote this book to teach beginning readers about caterpillars. It’s a good thing I did my research. Because when I started, I thought that butterflies made cocoons. Not true! A butterfly makes a chrysalis. A moth makes a cocoon. So, if you write about science, please always do your research. Collage artist Judith Moffatt made the beautiful pictures out of paper. My favorite picture is the one of the caterpillar each a leaf. This is what I wrote for that page: Jean Marzollo.

I'm a Caterpillar then a Butterfly


  1. Would have to buy one for my little cousin.

  2. I think we also studied the life cycle of a butterfly when we were younger.

  3. This is the kind of book I would have loved to use read to my students if I am still teaching in pre-school. Would surely tell my friends with pre-schoolers to read this to their children, and hey this can add to my collection of childrens books as well.:)

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    Thank you! Chloe.


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