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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Electronic Cigarette

Smoking is bad for our health but still people are buying it and in fact one of the most selling product in the market because of its addictive effect. In America, smoking is the  leading contributor to death and illness. It kills more people than car accidents and alcohol. Nowadays, there is an alternative cigarette called   Electronic Cigarettes that is widely used by those who want to quit smoking.

Compare to the traditional cigarette, Electronic cigarette is healthier and cheaper in the long run. It still gives you the action of smoking minus the bad odor and the second hand smoke. With the high cost of smoking cigarettes and the danger it brings to your health, Electronic cigarettes is the best choice for smokers looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of Electronic cigarettes:

1. It gives nicotine but it does not give any harmful chemicals that can cause cancer.
2. The cartridge is a lot more cheaper compare to an entire pack of cigarettes so you can save a lot of money every year.
3. It is odorless so you won't smell like a smoker any longer.
4. It has no tar, no ash and no tobacco.
5. No second-hand smoke, so it is safe to use anywhere, in your house, work place, bars and even in the airplanes.
6. Electronic cigarettes are reusable cartridges, with a ball point pen so it is convenient to travel with.


  1. I would love to buy one for my hubby:)

    Hopping from Alexa!

  2. Yea, I agree you. I finally switched to e-cigs. No tobacco, no tar, no smoke. It is widely known that tobacco-based cigarettes contain around 4 000 harmful chemicals including arsenic, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide. About 50 of these chemicals are thought to be carcinogenic. E cigarettes do not contain tobacco or tar and produce no smoke! I'm enjoining so much!

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  3. I love using my electronic cigarettes. I think they really work great. They also look good and I love that very much.

  4. Nice! I really enjoyed reading your post about e cigarettes. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

  5. E-cigs should be recognized they healed me from the 4000 bad chemicals of analog cigs. E-cigs only have the nicotine you crave, water, and propylene glycol (common ingredient in food coloring). It has none of the carcinogens that cause cancer.
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  6. Electronic cigarette is the best option for those who want to quit smoking. Buy Electronic Cigarette .Thanks for sharing such a great information.

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  8. really e cigs are like a blessing for smokers.E cigs are comfortable for smokers because it doesn't contain any harmful chemicals as well as it produce very less smoke...
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  9. Elecronic cigarette are best alternative for them who wants to quit smoking and start vaping. It has advantage over normal cigarttes such as it does not contain Tar, Ash and odour and also it has less chemicals.

  10. Indeed facts are provided by you. E cigarettes are more safer than tobacco cigarettes because it does not contain Tar, Ash and odour. It has lesser chemicals than Tobacco cigs. You can Buy E cigarettes in India

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