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Friday, January 25, 2013

Walmart Apologizes for Humiliating a Cancer Survivor

Walmart has issued an apology to a costumer who tried to return a $13 book given by  a son as a gift. The staff asked for a receipt as proof of purchase but she cannot present it,so she was asked to produce a photo ID. The incident happened at Northland Walmart, Kansas City. 

Store employees did not believe she was the person shown on her photo identification . She looked different because of the chemotherapy she underwent, her long, blonde hair is now short and brown, she said, 3 employees including a manager didn't believe it was her even though her facial features are the same. "Instead of looking at facial features, she said, 'Oh, your hair is not blonde anymore.' I had on a hat. I said, 'I lost it. It's growing back,'" the woman recalled. "She kind of frowned at me. I said, 'Honestly, it's personal but I have cancer. That's why my hair looks different.' And she kind of rolled her eyes at me and kind of snapped her fingers for her manager to come over."

The breast cancer survivor from Missouri only got humiliating treatment from employees, they scrutinized her identification for an uncomfortably long period of time.  "They were rude to me. So I finally pulled down the top of my shirt and showed them I still have the scar," She said she offered to show them her scars "They were kind of shocked. I said, 'I have breast cancer. I'm not going to show you another scar.'"

"We truly apologize to the customer for her experience,", the company said. Walmart officials  will discuss this matter among its employees on how to properly handle such cases.


  1. poor lady, and I pity those employees who mocked her....and immediate resolution must be done because of that!

  2. My heart goes out to the lady as well. Indeed, proper orientation should be done to employees so they will know the proper approach to situations like this.

  3. Yeah when people make fun of cancer it is not funny. So many people die from cancer and it is quite serious.


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