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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Child's Prayer

 Prayer is simply communicating with God. Believers pray through memorization of a certain prayer from the church or religion and some prays freely, spontaneously and in their own words. Our kids prays according to what we teaches them and whatever religion we are in. I teaches my kids to pray as simple as possible. Basically, a prayer that only includes "thank you" and "Please" for asking something from God.

As a Christian, I don't believe in memorization and repetition of prayers or praying in front of an image. Sorry, no offense meant for others way of praying. I talk to the Lord whenever or wherever I want too and that is what I am passing on to my children.

Before sleeping last night, here is my 4 year old son's prayer. It just made me smile how he utters those words. Well, what else should they pray, they don't have any problems yet in this world so no need to push them to pray harder. We are just happy to hear them communicating with the Lord in their own little ways. So if  prayer is difficult for you, just do what kids does.

A Child's Prayer

Dear God
Thank you for the toys
Thank you for the food and drinks
Thank you for the toilet
Thank you for Patchy's house
Thank you for Patchy's room
Thank you for  patchy's house
Thank you for all the tables
Thank you for the house
Thank you for the garage
Thank you for all the stuff
Thank you for the doors
Thank you for the lamps
Thank you for the living room and kitchen and the dining room.
Thank you for kuya's room and my room 
Thank you for the  walls and the stove
Thank you for the fire place
One last mommy!
Thank you for the bathrooms
Thank you for mommy and daddy and my brothers

Patchy is our little dog and  part of our family so she is always included in our prayers. I have to write down his prayer right away or I will forget it for this post.

Matthew 6:7
"When you pray, don't babble on and on as people of other religions do. They think their prayers are answered only by repeating their words again and again." 

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  1. All of us pray in the way we were brought up. Sometimes we change along the way but a prayer is still a prayer no matter what words we use. There can be no purest prayer than a child's prayer.

  2. The simple things are often forgotten as one leaves childhood. Our lives tend to be more complicated than they should be. The simple prayer of a child reminds us of what is truly important.

  3. i agree mam tess sa Iglesia ni cristo we dont use repetitive prayers. It shud come straight from you mind heart body and soul. they shud do prayers as they want it to do and not because the church says to do it. Teaching kids to prayers that comes from their heart is gonna help them a lot to nurture things in life.

  4. That's really a sincere prayer and it's good at his early age, he knows to thank the Lord for everything.

  5. I love to write my own prayer and every night I pray with my child - there is always a thank you for all the blessings and bless my family. This is a cute and loving prayer.

  6. "As a Christian, I don't believe in memorization and repetition of prayers or praying in front of an image. Sorry, no offense meant for others way of praying." - Me too. I have a direct relationship with Him and I can talk to Him whenever and wherever I want to without the need to approach a priest or some character.

  7. Praying comes in various ways of interpretation.
    I have my own way of praying for my beliefs, sometimes it's difficult for others to understand it.

  8. it is good to read that your child prays specifically. hahaha.

  9. Kids really say the sincerest prayer and are very pure in their intentions.

  10. Teaching our children to pray is like helping them to build relationship with God at an early age. Good job, Mommy! I love your son's innocent yet very sincere.

  11. Prayers can be done all over the place, I mean, wherever you are! I don't go to church that much but I can say that I am keeping my relationship with HIM up-close and intact.


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