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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Deniece Cornejo is a Victim

Nabasa ko l ito from Atty Archie's Facebook, and magamda ang pagkakalahad nya ng kanyang version base sa kuwento ng dalawang panig.

Archie Gonzalez, "Like I said earlier, these are just musings, i.e., reflections on the issue. Just came up with a situation that ties up the loose ends from the different versions thrown around. I never claimed to be an eyewitness/ having personal knowledge about anything on this issue."

"Boyfriend finds out about Bhong meeting up with Denise (not their real names) in her condo. Bf "handles" the situation by asking for Denise's phone while he was in her condo with another guy friend and invites Bhong thru text. This explains Bhong's claim that Denise was surprised upon his arrival (“binigla mo ko, di pa ko nakapaglinis”) at her place and the very convenient presence of 2 guys at the condo at the time of the supposed attempted rape. Two guys violently attack him as payback for flirting/ meeting up with Denise at her condo. They then bring him to the cops and make him admit to an attempted rape in the police blotter to keep him from filing charges on the physical injuries. Denise is forced to get on with this script as she also feels guilty for cheating on her guy, all she could do at the police station was apologize to Bhong (“I’m sorry Bhong!”). A few days later, Bhong’s camp couldn’t let a blotter showing attempted rape stay on record without any explanation. They wanted to extort P2M from him and even threatened his family! Genius! And so 2 different stories were played on 2 different networks. There was no extortion, no attempted rape, only a bf who wanted a little payback for his ego that got a little out of hand."

Ito lang masasabi ni Deniece ke Vhong, "if you want justice, I will give you the real justice. Kaya kakasuhan na nya ang lalaki.

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