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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Same-Sex Marriage Proposal

Love is everywhere, whether it's Valentine's Day or just an ordinary day. And, in the case of these marriage proposals, love can pop out of nowhere, at any time, even while at a hockey game.Whenever girls watch or see romantic and sweet marriage proposal, they are thinking who will do the same to her too. Well, not every woman are lucky to have that kind of guy and not everyone has the usual marriage proposal. There are proposals that are not acceptable by most people and community and will receive the most criticism especially with the religious group or individual.  Let us face it, people of different religion and belief have different interpretations of what the bible says. Is same sex relationship acceptable by God  or a sin?

Carl and Drew's Flash Mob Marriage Proposal in Central Park

Singer-actress Aiza Seguerra, 30 has proposed to her girlfriend  former beauty queen-turned-actress Liza. The proposal happened Feb. 7, Friday night,  at the UP Faculty Center Theater, University of the Philippines in Diliman, QC.  Both starred in “Kung Paano Maghiwalay,” Liza did not know that the last scene of the play will be Aiza's surprise wedding proposal.

 On, April, 22, 2013, Shaun invited Michael to lunch at the Google office. Michael had no idea Shaun would be asking him to marry him. Or that hundreds of people would be in on it.

Jackie's "Glee" inspired wedding proposal.


Mario Proposes To Sean. Sean has no idea of what is about to happen

Here are some of the comments that I gathered from Facebook regarding gay and lesbian relationship.

What's popular sometimes becomes right, even if it is wrong. No one can judge because we are all sinners, but we must be reminded that in the end, only the standards of God will prevail, not the world's. Say you are happy for these lesbians and gays, but never say that they're right. Everybody anybody have a right to be happy, besides they are not doing harm to any of us. Don't pretend that you've been born yesterday. I'm not offended or outraged by people who flash their bible and spread the Holy Scripture, anybody can do that it's a free country, I'm also free to roll my eyes when people are adamant that everyone must follow our Christian God, otherwise we will burn or whatever.

Homophobic people are the real culprit, they are the real sinners..but don't worry God forgives haters like you. 12 years in a Catholic school has taught me that we are all equal in the eyes of God. I just can't help but roll my eyes to some people who are endlessly quoting the Bible. For those quoting the bible, good for you, you know it by heart. Do you follow these morals and values based on your faith? I hope so. If she is a sinner, then let them be, for I, along with everyone else is. Your religion and your faith is supposed to guide you. If you say she shall be condemned by God, will you be with them when that day comes? No. You will be judged alone. So quit shoving your morals and values down her throat and everyone else's. Mind your own business. As much as she is a public figure, her personal life have nothing to do with anybody else's but hers. The problem here is not religion, morals or values, it's ignorance and intolerance towards others who just want to live their lives the same way you do: peacefully with the person they found true love with.My fellow citizen, we respect your opinions however, each of us has its own choice... the choice to live, love, and the choice to be happy. That's the greatest freedom we have as a human, so irregardless its right or wrong still its a choice.

Homosexuality which includes gay and lesbian is not a gender but a lifestyle, meaning the way you live life, many of them spoke words of God but do evil deeds? So whats the point? Let them be happy and leave them alone.

Please  ask forgiveness to our Great God for your soul. You don't know what you are doing.  May the Lord God Almighty gives you wisdom to understand the reality of Life.

Everybody is entitled to their own happiness as long as you do not hurt or cause anything fatal to others. People who are narrow minded will never be happy for someone else's happiness.


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