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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Not Funny Video: Toddler argues with mom over cupcakes

Linda Beltran, posted on YouTube his 3 year old son Mateo, arguing with her over a cupcake. The video has gone viral and has more than 2 million views. It is adorable  to some, outrageous to others. As a mom, I can say that this is not funny at all. How can a mom let his children argue with her that way. He talks as if he is the parent talking to a child, I bet this is how his dad talks to the mom in front of the children. Monkey see monkey do.

Throughout the clip, he calls his mother by her first name and says, “Listen, listen, listen, Linda”and  “But Linda, honey” My son call me by my first name instead of mom, he will get a butt whooping. How could you not discipline your kid at an early age? Start early to make you proud later. Honestly, there is nothing to be proud of with this video, and should be showed in public a kind of mother you are.I do not blame the kids for his attitude. The mom deserves a spanking too.



  1. Yeah, the mom needs spanking too but the kid's is so cute arguing. I was that way when I was a kid. I once told my teacher the reason I don't write down notes in nursery was because my pencil is already tired.

  2. I am split on this one. While I admire the communication skills of this kid, as a parent myself I am not really in agreement in posting this kind of video in public. I wonder how this kid would react years later when he discover this video being shared online.

  3. I actually agree with you its not funny bata palang ganyan na. The fact that they are taking a video of it and they are not correcting him makes me think that they didn't find anything wrong with what he did. As for me I will never tolerate it.

  4. In Filipino, "Parang matanda na kung umasta ang batang to ha." But seriously speaking, when I used to spot a kid acting like this, it's really 'alarming.' Good thing I'm not a parent yet. I don't know if I can handle toddlers like that considering attitude towards one generation from another really changes as time goes by.

  5. Oh NO. This child has NO respect for his mother. This is NOT cute. It is very disturbing. I would have popped him and told him to sit in the corner and shut his mouth. NO WAY my kids would talk to me like this without some kind of consequence.

  6. raising your child d american way

    1. not really the American way. there are lots of really disciplined kids here at a very young age.

  7. It's not cute at all. What kind of parent raises a child and allows him to talk to his parents that way? I agree, the father must talk like that to the mother for the child to do the same. Plus the fact that she took time to record the argument just proves that she's clearly doing parenting wrong. It's like she's proud that her son has no respect for her. She can still discipline this little bad boy while he's still young. Before he reaches 5, preferably.

  8. For all the cuteness in that kid, things are still alarming. Look at how he tries to cut through her mother's words.


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