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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Son as a Blogger

Look what I googled, my sons blog when he was 10 years old. We were still living in Qatar, when I started blogging and then my son, seeing me writing on my spare time, decided to have his own blog site too. He grew up in the Philippines until 7 years old before we brought him to Qatar, and I never thought that he will be good in English at his age.

He was a big fan of Miley Cyrus and Pokemon when he started his own blog. For  a beginner, I never thought his first post was amazing. My favorite post was when he talked about his little brother. He stopped writing on this site but he did not stop from there. Right now at age 15, he is a member of the Journalism club and into a lot of school competition. He is also the President of the National Honor Society this coming school year.There were 5 of them who competed for the highest position, where they were asked to answer 7 essay questions and he made it.

You can check his site here:

Some of his posts on this site:
My Interest in Espionage
American Idol 2012: What it All has Come Down To


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