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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What if the Ocean was Made of Kool-Aid

Once in a while,  my husband makes a pitcher of Kool-Aid  for him and the kids. I am not really a fan of this instant drink but my hubby is. In my opinion, the instant juice drink is just food coloring and citric acid for flavoring. It also needs a lot of sugar to taste like a sweetened juice.

Last month, my son was asking me the spelling of "ocean", "would" while writing on something. I was amazed to see him writing about Kool-Aid, so I asked him, if he copied it in the book or from the school or he just made it up. He said he just made it up. This is what he is writing.

Anyway whether he did it or just copied, still to cute not to share after all, not all 5 year old kid can write like him without any supervision. No wonder he made it into the  gifted and talented program last year. My little boy is amazing!


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