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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mayweather Won Over Pacquiao

Mayweather won by unanimous decision, congratulations! Here's what people say about your winning. Source: Facebook

- How to win the Boxing: KEEP RUNNING AWAY and BE A HUGGER. That's how Mayweather was trained.

- The rule to win a boxing fight is just keep running away from your opponent. Keep running away because actually you're scared Manny says "He keeps on running away>"

- Pacman is still the winner not only in the eyes of the Filipino people but of the whole world. Gay-Runner did not fight boxing today, he thought he joined a marathon.
- The most BORING FIGHT I have ever watched... As expected, floyd will run around like a chicken. I dunno. Good thing we haven't paid an Expensive PPV.

- Going to get crucified for this but... Boxing defensively is not cheating in the same way that milking the clock in basketball is not cheating.

- He mastered the boxing escape strategies!

- Floyd's new monicker: The Runaway Man
-  ‪#‎Mayweather wins over ‪#‎Pacquiao through running and hugging.. .

- Nice fight Manny. You did everything but your opponent keeps on running so you are the winner for me

- I think Mayweather hugged Manny more than what my Father ever hugged Me my entire life

-  I thought I won the fight, he didn't do nothing (Pacquiao)

- Pacquiao: It's a good fight. I thought I won the fight, he did not do anything. He always ran & moved outside. ‪#‎MayPac

-"Mayweather hugged Manny more than my dad has hugged me in my whole life"

· Wetbutt... All he can do is defensive and blocking. I only see him attacking in 2 rounds...the rest of the round he do it again, defensive and blocking. And still wins.... That's not a fight of this era....that's A JOKE OF THIS ERA!

- BREAKING NEWS: Liberal Party to get Mayweather to fight ‪#‎Pacquiao in 2016 Election.

- Statitstics of the fight
  Pacquiao: 240 hits and 30 successful

  Mayweather: 256 hugs and 45 kilometer running

- Its not "fight of the century" it should be called


- ‪#‎Gayweather caught in a bad ‪#‎bromance

- His other world title, "The World's Best Runner"

- Mayweather (verb) to hug powerfully

- I don't understand technical rules of boxing but I saw more punches in the head of Mayweather who kept stepping back and hugging Pacquiao, how could it be the winning moves?

- I am not a Pacquiao fan. Never watch any of his fight until today (I have no choice) and I don't even like boxing at all, but I think Manny should been declared the winner in this fight. ‪#‎nadayasabilangan

- The UNDEFEATED boxer but NOT the BEST FIGHTER of the world! There is a big difference between the word fighter and dancer.

- ‪#‎MayPac ‪#‎DancingWithTheStars

- "Now I see why he's one of the guys at the pinnacle of the sport." - @FloydMayweather, gracious in victory @trboxing ‪#‎MayPac

- Floyd is indeed a smart fighter, grats.. grats pacman too smile emoticon

- May 3 should be declared as the international HUG Day to commemorate this momentum event. smile emoticon ‪#‎MoreHugMoreFun

- What did the judges count and score? Power Punches or Power hugs?‪#‎MayPac

- Ladies and gentlemen... it was a hometown decision! LOL ‪#‎MayPac

- It’s okay to lose with HONOR rather than to win in CHEATING. Go Manny, We are still so PROUD of you.You have our RESPECT. ‪#‎MayPac

- Floyd's tips: for you to be the undefeated boxer, you must be a good hugger and a runner. You also must learn on how to lock the arms of your opponent when he throw punches on you.gets?

- Mayweather's from Nevada. Judges are from Nevada. Okay, congrats.

- Fun run

- Relationship Goals : Marry someone who hugs you the way Mayweather does to Pacquiao even during a fight.

- Girls your Relationship goals: find a man like Floyd, he always hugs you whenever you have fights.

- Pacman: I got him many times with solid punches. I thought I won the fight.

- Pacquiao: "It's not easy to throw punches when he moves around (alot)."‪#‎MayPac

- Hindi daw nagpakawala ng maraming suntok si manny.. paano ka magpapakawala ng suntok sa taong panay takbo... hangin lang susuntukin mo.. wew

- dami mainit ang ulo.. bawal makulit today.. haha. :)) ‪#‎PacmanPaDin‪#‎AnoYunHabulan?

- Si Mayweather ang tunay na pulitiko.
Tumakbo, nanalo.

- Manonood ako sa channel 2 ulit baka magbago yung desisyon sa Manny vs Floyd boxing-running bout!!

· Dear Mayweather sa susunod sa marathon ka na lang sumali... wag sa boxing!

- Luto ang laban, sunog ang kalaban..

- NATALOOOO katatakbo mo..... lol ... loko tong pamangkin ko ah..yan ang kanta grin emoticon

- HAYSSS! naku nagyaya pa ng laban sa Yakap at Takbo na MayWeather! HA HA HA

- panalo si mayweather sa paramihan ng yakap! tongue emoticon

- Tangina this!!! Nakaka stress ang boxing.. Sigaw pa naman ako ng sigaw un pala talo.. Pero aanhin ang panalo kung ‪#‎booooooo naman ang premyo..hahahaha

- Sabi ko pa naman ang Yummy ng body ni May Weather ang sarap kurut kurutin..... nung pala eh front lang niya iun isa pala siyang GAYWEATHER !!!! BUSET..... HA HA HA

- Hijo de puta! Sa tagal ng nangyaring negosasyon, halatang matagal nang niluto ang laban. Sunog ang nanalo eh.

- waaahhh taragis parang Basketball yung pinanood natin hindi Boxing..puro takbo! Tama nga yung mga SA boxer dito,"Manny is a good fighter but Mayweather is a good dancer and runner "

- ex: "I'm sad. Paki-mayweather nga ako". Lol!!

- Lagot si Pnoy, may maniningil pag uwi ng Pinas
- In short...KASALANAN ni PNOY!!!


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