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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Avengers in 3D Movie

I have not been to a movie house for more than a year. For a mother like me with 3 years old son, it is better to watch movies at home. We just buy dvd's  like Iron man, Captain America and The Incredible Hulk. It has not only saved us money but saved us from my little boys tantrums inside the movie house too. When the Avengers movie came out on televison commercials, I got excited and told hubby that I want to watch  it on a big screen this time. He asked why,  I simply answered that I want to see my boyfriend, Captain America. 

Last weekend, me,  hubby and two kids, headed to the movie house  .We paid for the 3D glasses for $2.50 each = $10, $7.75 each for adults, $5.50 for child = $28.50 and $25 for the popcorn and soda. It is costly to watch a  movie but it was worth it. 

After a series of individual blockbuster movies of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and Thor, all these characters came together alongside with several other friends, Black Widow and Hawkeye in "Marvel's The Avengers". The rest of the characters are Loki, the bitter brother of Thor, Nick Fury, the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Coulson, Nick's  right hand man.

The story revolves around the "Tesseract", the cosmic blue cube that gives its bearer unlimited power. Loki descends to Earth from Asgard to steal the Tesseract which had been entrusted to Nick Fury. After the Tessseract had been stolen, Nick  assemble a dream time of Super heroes and others with specialized skills. Nick get these Super heores together through the help of Agent Coulson.

The Hulk's services are needed to because the Tesseract exudes a radiation that will help track it and The Hulk, knows a little something about gamma rays. But because these are Super Heroes with  Super powers and Super egos. And so  a  great deal of time is spent having them talk a lot of trash and square off against one another to prove who is the toughest. The showdown and tension allow each other to have his her time in the spotlight. Thor vs The Hulk, Iron Man vs Thor,  Black Widow vs Hawkeye and so on.

Eventually they all came up together for one epic battle against Loki and his army in Midtown Manhattan and the high rise dazzling Stark Tower of Iron Man Tony Stark.The billionaire, playboy, genius philanthropist  has devised stunningly efficient ways to get his metal suit on and off.

The movie has come up with a script that is entertaining, full of wit, humor and energy that makes the audience lose track of the two and a half hour running time. As expected, the Avengers movie that is violent as hell ends up being an earnest plea for peace.

Robert Downey Jr - Tony Stark / Iron Man
Mark Ruffalo - Bruce Banner / The Hulk
Chris Evans - Steve Rogers / Captain America
Chris Hemsworth - Thor
Scarlett Johansson - Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow
Jeremy Renner - Clint Barton / Hawkeye
Tom Hiddleston - Loki
Samuel L. Jackson - Nick Fury 
Clark Gregg - Agent Phil Coulson
Cobie Smulders - Agent Maria Hill

Joss Whedon (screenplay)
Zak Penn (story) and
Joss Whedon (story)
Stan Lee (comic book) &
Jack Kirby (comic book)

Directed by:
Joss Whedon


  1. I'm looking forward of buying The Avengers' DVD for my 4 great grandchildren and also for us, their grandparents. At least with this, we could be entertained together as close-knit family here in our very home.

  2. for sure hubby is going to buy the DVD too. ganun yon kahit napanood na namin sa mvie ,bumibili pa rin gn dvd para panoorin ulit namin together.

  3. Same with me, I seldom watch in the big screen coz of the cinema rates for four persons...I'd rather watch downloaded movies at home. But I also got excited with this much more my hubby and 2 sons! Kelan kaya ang part 2?

  4. gusto ko manood ulit heheheh

  5. The plot is simple - deals with superheroes and a villain who's just misunderstood by many but the script was just AWESOME.

  6. I watched the Avengers but not in 3D but nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I loved the comic relief in some scenes. I dont really watch movies often so I was glad when the movie never disappointed me.:)

  7. your movie tickets were indeed costly.. but for the Avengers movie, yes it was definitely worth it! :)

  8. Hi mam tess.. so it means if you're watching 3D movies in your place, you have to pay for 3D glasses separately?

    1. yes ,we paid for the 3D glasses .automatic pagbili ng ticket,they give you the glasses and yuo will pay for it.

    2. nope, here in Qatar 3D glasses are free but we paid 55Qr = 15$ fro IMAX, but it is worth the cost

  9. My kids watched this blockbuster movie with their tita, tito and cousins.
    They so love it and wish to see it over and over. Wait na lang ako sa DVD...

  10. Like you, I haven't seen a movie in a theater for quite some time (the previous one was Alice in Wonderland I think) but I made special effort for The Avengers. Just had to see it in the big screen. Captain America is your bf, eh? ;)

  11. I think the hulk was the star of this movie. He gave the two Demi God a taste of hulk smash and punches

  12. OMG, I thought I was the only girl in Captain America's heart. Hahaha! I'm just kidding. But I really really thing Chris Evans is very very good looking. I enjoyed The Avengers so much that I also blogged about it. I rarely watch movies and rarely write about it, The Avengers was an exception!

  13. I love this movie. And I've watched this thrice already. And if another friend will ask me to watch it again with them, I will. Haha!

  14. One of the most epic movies this year... I really love this movie.

  15. Watched it with my family the first day it was shown though not in 3D. Hubby and my 12 year old wasn't satisfied and went back the next day to watch it in 3D.. lol

  16. I'm in the habit of making fun of movies I see but I couldn't write a sarcastic review of this movie. It was just too good. Avengers tops Justice League in every way!

  17. my bf and i also watched it in 3d!no regrets! we love it!

  18. it was definitely a worthy film, i can't wait for the next film installment.

  19. Hope your family enjoyed the movie.


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