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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phillip Phillips is the American Idol 2012 Winner

And the winner is.... Phillip Phillips!.

During the Top 3 competition, when Joshua was eliminated, a lot of  viewers were really shocked for the results. I was one of those who was hoping for Joshua and Jessica to compete for the finals.

Phillip was not my favorite, for me he can sing but not that good. He is cute with a smile that  can launch a thousand ship.  But since it is a popularity contest and 95% of the audience and voters are female who likes charming guys next door, obviously men has a bigger chance of winning.

Yesterday's episode was different though. Phillip Phillips made his greatest performance that made all the 3 judges and audience gave him an standing ovation for the song "Home", which  is also his official debut single.
  • "Dude I love the song, I love the production. Everything about that was perfect."
  • "That was a Phillip song and there is nothing on the radio that sounds like that."
  • "By virtue of your vulnerability and style you made the world your home

He made it clear to us that the voters were right, inside a charming man is a good singer too that deserves to win.

Phillip will undergo kidney stone surgery  before doing any recording, which he has put  aside to be able to join the American Idol competition. He has been to a lot of pain during the season but he still managed to sing and even won the title. Phillip revealed, "It was very tough, you know? But I had great doctors, and great people surrounding me, and it's just a blessing to be here now."



  1. Congrats Phillip that's all I can say, I hope that you were not like other winner becoming a country state singer only. Congrats also to Jessica everyone knows who is the real singer and that's Jesica

  2. not a fan of jessica nor phillip but, at home, we expected him to win...

  3. I rooted for Jessica who's vocally superior, but Phillip's "Home" was really impressive. A well-deserved win, Mr. Phillips! And yes, I hope that he becomes successful not just in the U.S.

  4. I was hoping Jessica would win...

  5. Jessica is great, but Phillip Phillip's is MY American Idol in all aspects. His being good-looking is just a bonus. :) Congratulations, Phillip! Well-deserved!


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