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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crime Reporting Tips for Beginners

It seems that there are a lot of concern Bubblews member who loves to spy on members who violates the rules, well that is great! Okay, you got into this Bubblews exchange group or let me put it this way, you joined because you want other Bubblews writers to read your post and syndicate as well (do not deny it). I guess you are into a lot of group, and whoever joins such group is guilty enough of violating the " 2. Abusing our likes/views/comment system by partaking in exchange groups and requesting for them through other Bubblews' members'. You won't join in  Bubblews  if you don't care about the$25 redemption or shall we say you will not register in Bubblews at all, I bet none of you will stay here for free including me.

So my tip to those playing good and loyal members, investigators, or secret agents.

1. Don't act yet unless you have solid proof/evidence.

2. Contact the admins of Bubblews to inform them about the group.

3. Invite them to the group.

4. Once they are inside the closed or secret group, then they can investigate, do the proper documentation, shots and gather all the bubblews members invloved in the "crime".

5. From there, they can do the necessary actions with proof and evidence to present.

6. Make a blog post about it and yeah, you will get a lot of views and comments. See you earned and helped the moderators in busting this exchange views and social syndication group.

My advice is think first before posting controversial issues, I know you only got over excited and was very eager to make a post and be a good members in the moderators eyes. Now that you exposed this group with 100 members, made an article about it, tagged all the moderators , then what? Did you accomplish anything. Yes, I know, you showed the members that you and the others who commented on your post are the only ones who do not violate the Bubblews site. Very good and good luck, may you have many more cheaters to bust here.

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