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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Honda's Scratch & Win Where Everyone Is a Winner

I just won $1, 000 from Honda dealer's scratch-off ticket but apparently not. There seems to be an error here. I always receive this stuff and never win any of them. I checked online and here is what I got, "Honda Dealer Sends Out Scratch-Off Tickets Where Everyone Is a Winner." It was a printing mistake made by the direct mail marketing and promotions agency that the Honda dealer contracted for the services. The agency was supposed to send out 50,000 scratch-off tickets with only one grand prize winner of $1,000. They already sent out about 30,000 scratch and win tickets before anyone noticed the printing error.

The ad agency  contracted contracted by Honda apologized for the mistake they made and is taking responsibility for the printing error by offering a second chance drawing to all 30,000 recipients. The grand prize is now $5,000 with 20 second place offers of $1,000. All recipients of the ad piece will get a $5 gift card and a letter from the ad agency.


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