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Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Irritating "Nice Post", Thanks For Sharing

I don't mean to stick my nose in others business, but I can't help but noticed some members commenting to almost all the post in Bubblews with " nice post and I liked it", "nice post", "interesting article", " thanks for sharing." I am not pointing at someone in particular, but they know who they are. Don't you have other words to say for a change? Why not leave a relevant comment by reading the posts first.

I think Bubblews should make additional rule, "All comments should be relevant with 5 or more words, Interesting post, nice post, thanks for sharing, nice article are not allowed will not and will be deleted. Members are the only ones who comments and visits each others posts for the sake of earning money. They will get paid through views, comments and social shares and the fastest and best way to do it is through post hopping.  


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