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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

I turned a year older this month. How time flies, seven more birthdays and I will turn 50 years old.

I got a bouquet of flowers, a lollipop and a Nemo stuffed toy from my hubby.My son made me a personalized birthday card and I think I lost it,hope not. Then we had a wonderful lunch at Chilis.

I never had a happy birthday experienced in my life before until I met my husband .Even when I turned 18 years old ,the only thing I did to at least celebrate my adulthood was to treat myself alone at Mc Donald ,Glorietta then a gallon do Magnolia ice cream bought by my father when I got home. My mother did not even bother to cook at east 1 kilo of pancit (noodles). I always think that she is so unfair to me for ignoring some of the important occasions of my life like graduation days and birthdays. I still remember when I graduated from elementary. I was with her three friends and on high school graduation, my sister accompanied me to school and left before the graduation was over .I went home alone while the other graduates were happy with their family.
Those were the days. And I am  so grateful to God for having a loving husband and children who gives color to my then lonely life.


  1. unnamedpsalmistApril 14, 2010 2:26 AM

    happy birthday mami tatess, may you have the most precious gift this time...


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