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Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello summer, Goodbye winter

It rained in Doha today at around 5 pm with thunder and lightning, it rarely happens here but once it does, everybody seems to be excited .Usually rain does not stay long but if you caught driving, expect that you will end up stock at the middle of the road like forever.You will see flooded streets , driver's gone crazy and forgets how to drive.

Rain means the weather is going to change from winter to summer or vice versa.God,I hate summer! Nobody can stand staying outside anytime of the day.It is humid and heat penetrates into your skin at once.

Anyway, I was in the kitchen washing the dishes when I heard raindrops at the backyard .So I opened the door and called my children to watch the rain. Then they moved out at the front door for a better view .My little boy was so amazed and wanted to jump out of the rain and play.

The rain did not last that long but I can see the happiness in my children's eyes as they watched the rain slowly stopped.

And where was my husband? Well, he is in the bedroom sleeping. He loves rain and when he woke up and told him about it, he's only answer was." Yes, I know it rained and I missed it, guess I was too tired to get up and watched it with the boys".


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