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Monday, March 1, 2010

Classified ads

As I was browsing the classified ads section of one of my favorite website in Qatar, one for sale ad caught my attention.
Throw away prices are commonly seen here and if you are really in a tight budget then this classified advertisement really makes a big difference and saves you a lot of money. Usually, expatriates who are going to move out of the country or will transfer to a furnish flat/villa do this to get rid of their items faster. Therefore, I checked it out only to find out  how  ridiculous and funny this ad is. This one is really something or the owner might not be in his sane mind to sell broken items instead of just dumping it straight in the trash or just give it away for free to somebody.

Who do you think in his right mind is going to buy such a trash?

Here is the ad at for sale section:

Washing Machine Fully Auto/-a-t-/Throw away Price
Price: 200 QR
Contact number: xxxxxxx
Type of listing: For Sale
Whirlpool Fully Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Made in Italy) For Sale.(Not Working condition, Switch have some Prob). Pls call me



  1. There are people who are like that. They sell their broken wares, their defective gadgets, or whatever as long as they get money from it. Nothing is left for nothing. They might even thinking how they could make money out of nothing. There'll come a time that NOTHING IS FOR SALE!

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  2. hahaha there's a lot of rumor on net hehehe I also browse some that she will pretend a sexy gf on fb for $5 dollar in a month....

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    Raketer Mama
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  3. This proves how some people can be very desperate to earn. "para-paraan" method

  4. weeee hahaha dami kong tawa mami, back to QL tayo nyahahaha (i met mamiTess sa QL (Qatar Living) where i cooked Creamy Beef on her house (katuwaan lang ng mga Pinoy sa Doha)


  5. It is a common practice in other countries to just throw away defective goods or items than to have them repaired. It is another thing in our beloved Philippines it is very common to see this kind of ads where people want to salvage as much value as they possibly can

  6. You know what they say - "one man's trash is another man's treasure." Baka nga pwede mo pang ibenta dito yan =)

  7. hahaha uso din to' sa pinas ms tess:)


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