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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad School Day

This story happened more than a week ago .I just thought of sharing it with you for no reason at all. I am calm now and me and hubby decided not to file a complaint against the School's Discipline Coordinator ,anymore .Any way, I already confronted her and gave her a doze of her own medicine.She ran away and hid  from me after I confronted and yelled at her infront of the students and other teachers.I was just returning what she did to my son.And probably she now know how it feels to be being embarrassed in front of others.What she did was unacceptable and was consider as harassment.

The incident happened on March 17, 2010 after their computer subject inside the school campus.According to my son, it all started inside his computer class .R (my son) and his classmates were busy doing their homework when a classmate named Sarah, grabbed his Nintendo DS inside his pocket. My son was trying to get it back but she did not return it .So he started to cry and when Sarah saw him crying, she said, "Don't cry, you look ugly". My son answered back "You look like a rat". After class, Sarah ran to the office of Scool Discilpine Coordinator, Miss Farah's  to report that Rashid called her a rat. Then Miss Farah waited for Ryan outside the classroom and shouted at him "GIVE ME, GIVE ME!" My son who was so scared and traumatized by her behavior took his Nintendo Ds inside his pocket and gave it to her.

My son did nothing but cry even until he gets home .We asked him what happened but he refused to talk about it.The following morning, at around 8 am, my friend came to tell me my sons problem.According to her R called her over the photo to help him  get back his  DS to the school cooordinator but she refused to give it and was actually waiting for me to get it persoanlly.That was were I found out that the discipline  coordinator did something wrong to him.Upon hearing it, my blood rushed into my head .I waited for my husband to go with me at school to confront the School Coordiantor.Since it was my sons last period I decided to see his classmates first specially Sarah to ask what really happened .Thye all said that my son did nothing wrong and it was Sarah who started it.Then the Coordinator showed up and I asked to set an appointment but she refused to see us for a school meeting.Then it happened so fast,I just saw myself making a scene tthus making her scared and run away.

The following day I asked my son how was his school  day and how was he treated by the School Coordianator.He said ,she was nice to him. And that's it .I think I made myself clear that Filipino's do fight when it comes to our kids.


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