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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Riding the School Bus

After 2 weeks of driving J to school , he finally had his first school bus ride  on Monday together with his brother  .I was not  sure if he  was ready to do it with out mommy but I gave it a try. I was worried he will cry and  not gonna let me get off the bus after buckling up his seat belt but it did not happen instead  I saw the excitement in his eyes when I said goodbye. At the age of 3 , he is so ready to be on his own going to school.Of course ,I am not so worried because his brother will take good care of him.

Waiting for the bus for the 1st time .

 Bus is coming.

mommy moments


  1. Wow J is gettin older, another mami tats in the making. A brave J. Keep on studying.

  2. Oo nga ,big boy na siya. thanks for reading.

  3. oh, how brave.
    The scene reminds me of Forrest Gump^_^

  4. At 3, your son is already a big boy. Congratulations, Mommy, you trained him well. Thanks for visiting my MM entry.

  5. Wow! A little big boy on a school bus! Nice! Ako naman, I am not ready to send my 5-year-old daughter to school yet, kaya naka-homeschool lang kami. LOL.

    Dropping by for Mommy Moments!

    A Pedi for a Stressed Mommy

  6. brave little boy you got there!I think one heartbreaking times for a mom is to let go of her baby into the real world...can't imagine my baby girl going to school already i'm not ready yet!(selfish mode)hehe

    visiting for Mm!


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