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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ways to Learn the Alphabet

My son started pre school at 3 years and 2 months old.He  knew  the alphabet well before he even starts school.He learned it his way not my way .I was trying to teach him the letters but it seems  not working the way I do it.Teaching  children  the Alphabet takes a lot of patience .We were thinking of  many  ways  for them to learn like books,children’s shows and toys. Maybe someone with a California teaching credential would know more ways to teach him things like that. We usually says A   is for  Apple,B  is for ball and  so on but they loses interest in what ever they were doing  whenever  we do these.When my son was a toddler back in Qatar,we never had a cable connection not because we cannot afford it.I just thought that it was not one of my priority.I let my son watch on dvd’s , internet and  play educational toys(with sounds,music, light)  .Sesame Street is one show that I like  him to watch . It has a little of everything to teach children.

We  moved to USA last year when he was only 2 years 4 months old .Here, he was introduced to different kinds of television shows like Team Umizoomi, Bubble Guppies, Backyardigan , etc.These shows taught him  to identify different kinds of shapes, colors,numbers and many more. He also has his all time favorite VTEC Educational laptop and toys where he  learned the Alphabet .I can say that VTEC had the biggest part in his learning ability.He spends most of his day in front of the laptop listening ,watching, playing the key board and touching the screen .Unconsciously he learned through  this.Two months before his 3rd birthday while  sitting on my lap watching television he stared at my shirt and started reading  all the letters  written on it. I was stunned and could not believe he just did it. He also learned the numbers, shapes and colors all by himself . It is good to find out that our kids are actually having fun and at the same time learning without any pressure.



  1. With the surge of new technological advances, kids nowadays are lucky to have these learning tools. Back in the days, we used to learn our ABCs and 123s by reading from a cartolina or manila paper.

    Hopping in here from Kablogs facebook :)

  2. you're right Nortehanon.these days are far more advanced than yesterday.naalala ko pa yang cartolina at manila paper ,ngayon computer na gamit.thanks fro dropin' by.God Bless!

  3. That's right. Children of today have their own way of learning through technology.

    Smart kid!

    our family

  4. Toddlers seem to have a short attention span. We can try to teach them through songs so they would remember yet TV has revolutionized the way kids learn.

    I was hoping to get a cable connection at my house though I'm still out of budget. I'm a little discouraged to get one since we rarely watch TV.

  5. high tech na talaga ngayon tska pansin ko mas magagalinf ngayun mga bata

  6. Congrats for a job well done, mommy!

    Ako, blackboard, paper n pen at flash cards pa rin :)

    Oh they do have tech learning toys, too. But its one way for me to get to know them better. At the same time, it teaches me a lot about patience and humility.

    Enjoy them while they are still with you :)

  7. i don't have any kid yet , but I'm the one teaching my 3 years old niece. I have this long thread of patience but when I get tired I will just let her listen to the alphabet songs or rhymes in youtube. Good thing is she sing along with it :))

  8. Children nowadays are so smart we often get amazed. My youngest also learned the alphabet even before he was in school at 4. Even then, he already could read one-syllable words. Kids are simply a wonder!

  9. it's amazing what technology can do and how it helps the development of young minds.

    does your son know how to speak Filipino? I think he should learn somehow.

  10. no,he doesn't know how to speak Flilipno.

  11. hi-tech na talaga ang mga kids ngaun. naalala ko pa noong bata pa ako, holen at tumbang-lata lang masaya na ako, ngaun ung anak ko(6yrs old palang) psp at laptop na ang hinihingi... :)


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