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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lola Bunny, our new Bundle of Joy

When we moved to USA last year, my children were requesting for a pet ,either dog cat or a bunny .Daddy always says “no” especially the small timid house dogs. We’ll have a dog only if it’s an Alaskan Husky, a big watch dog to protect us from strangers and some wild animals. So every time we go to a flea market and see some dogs for free , my boys just looks at them  probably was saying “sorry, daddy don’t want you in the house"  with a sad look in their eyes.

Last week, when we went to a county fair, my eldest son  won a rabbit as a prize at a carnival game. He happily showed her to us and how he got her.He named her "Lola". I was  watching daddy's reaction about Lola as our new pet.He then  said”that’s nice for a stew” but I know he was just kidding. For sure it will break the boys heart if we serve the innocent bunny for dinner. Any way to make the story short ,our little Lola now lives happily in her cage that daddy bought her.

                                          Meet  Lola, the newest member of the family.

                               Thank you daddy for the cage and other stuff .We love you!


  1. Awwwee..this reminds me of the bunnies I got from a friend back in the day. The bunnies were a couple so I named them Lola and Bugs. :P Same as your lil' one. My lil' one's left great memories when they were still around. Best of luck and I wish them long life.

  2. cute naman ni Lola Bunny! i remember my B1 and B2 back in college days...kakamiss!

  3. Kids have been nudging us to buy a dog since they were little :D No can do, may asthma yun fish it is! Cute naman ni Lola, pati name nya haha.

  4. your hubby got a humor too, anyway why nga pala lola ang name

  5. Lola is bugs bunny's gf .we got the name from her.


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