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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter is Up

It is already snowing in other places and definitely winter but here in my place snow just started early this morning and it is freezing cold . Snow is fun to play with and for photo shoot  but it is actually the most hated season of the year.I have taken photos of my children on the way to the road to wait for the school bus .My kids has 3 layers of clothes a long jones aside from the pants .I need to cover them with thick clothes or else they will be freezing to death outside .This is their only 2nd winter in the US  and they were enjoying it a lot but not me.

Getting ready to school.They don't seems cold but I was while taking their photos just for my  blog.

 These last 3 photos were taken last year which was their 1st winter so I let them enjoy the snow fall.


mommy moments


  1. Awww your kids look like they really are having a blast! I think I'll be like that too when I first experience snow! Wooo! So much fun!

  2. I'm the only one not excited when winter comes lol. My kids and hubby loves snowboarding *sigh* --- boring mom.

  3. wow! you sure are having a wonderful time playing in the snow!

    no such luck in our corner of the world, but we can try out amusement parks that offer snow villages especially this christmas just so we can experience snow! i hope we can visit one very soon ^_^

    welcome to K.I.D + thanks for joining this week, i look forward to reading your next entry ^_^ ~ Jared

  4. I can't imagine living in a winter place I guess I just love the weather in the Philippines. Your kids did really enjoy winter.

  5. Awwwwww SNOWWWW! It's pretty chilly here in Tel-Aviv too but unfortunately NO SNOW! :( Enjoy the Holidays Tess.. :)

  6. Our first snowfall here was November 4th. Imagine how early it was? It was a dreadful day because the temperature started to drop down since then. I'm sure your kids love the snow. Not so much us, right! Lol.

    Visiting for MM! Hope you can visit our Mother-Daughter Time, if you get a chance! :)

  7. waaaa!I wanted to do snow angel in the snow as well! I don't like very cold weather but would love to experience snow in the future..

    visiting for MM!

  8. thanks for all the comments .i make sure to get back to all of you .

  9. Looks like your kids really had fun in the snow. The pictures say it all :-)

  10. Oh my!!What a fun to do during winter time!^_^

    Thanks for dropping by at my entry!

    Have a nice day!^_^

  11. ahhaha last first snow dn dito ni picturan ko ung son ko lang kasi dumating n bus ng babae ko ehehhe :)) sayang nga wala p sya pic sana mag snow ulet ung ktamtaman lang :D

  12. snow, i often wonder if my kids will ever see snow! :D have fun!


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