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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ways to Keep a Burning Relationship

                                 photo by: Nur Emir

1. Sweet Kiss -.Show your love early in the morning by kissing ,who cares about the bad breathe and don't fall asleep without connecting with each other.A good night kiss is a show of love and who knows it might go into something more romantic and intimate.Keep on kissing your partner not only before and after going to bed but anytime you want to inside your house or even in public if you can.

2.Change the Routine - We usually do same thing everyday like eating together ,watch tv,etc .Why not break the routine,instead of just eating together ,why not lit a candle for a romantic dinner or do something sexy while watching tv  with lighted scented candles or sit together over the roof watching the moon kiss the night.

3.Date occassionaly- Since when was you last date ? It's been ages I guess .Yeah ,we don't have time for this anymore,kids are multiplying and growing.You are on a tight  budget and no time for other activities that will cost you money.Don't let your family life ruin your lovelife together. Do something,have a date once a month ,it doesn't matter what you do.Dress up together for a restaurant dinner.A walk in the park ,ball game,something that is different from your usual activities.

4. A proper greetings - Little gesture like meeting your partner at the door from work with a smile and kiss makes a big difference.Don't just yell on the other room and ask how's his day .A romantic gesture will go along way.

5.No occassion messages- Now that text messaging and Facebook plays a big part in our lives  there is no reason for us not to get connected with our love ones .A text message at the middle of the day  is so simple yet very powerful.Knowing that you were thinking of him/her is one way of showing that you care.

6. A surprise note- Everybody loves surprises .A simple note saying how much you love him/her or he'll be missed at his absence.A simple but meaningful notes really adds spice to your relationship.You can put a handwritten note  in his/her briefcase or purse.

7.Be there even if you are apart- Keep the fire burning.If your better half is on a bussiness trip or traveling alone,keep a note at his brief case and a text mesagges from time to time aside from the regular calls.It would be nice to know that he /she is safe somewhere and will stop you from worrying a lot too. 

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  1. Wow...I've printed this useful information

  2. nice lang Date Occassionaly ang di ko magawa, pero ngyon hahanap ako ng oras para magawa yan :)

  3. You know I did all those things with my baby's dad ... it didn't work. He really was just an ass.

  4. These things that seem so simple and little will indeed keep the fire burning.

  5. All these I could testify that they really work. Yes, these could be a routine for every couple to do. In the first place, they take seemingly an usual to do them. But if the couple are used to do them, their relationship is superb, edifying and no storm, catastrophe may destroy their ever binding relationship. One thing I may add, if you don't mind is going to Church together if they're living together. Good reminder!

    Truth reflects in my new photoblog:  T.R.U.T.H. Thank you!

  6. thanks Gil for the suggestion

  7. Great tips Ms. Tess! :) I agree with how simple messages (whether text or email) goes a long way. It has helped me a lot with my long distance relationship. Hehehe :P

  8. Haha , i like this, actually me and my boyfriend are doing almost all of this .

  9. thanks ate tess for these tips..i'll let hubby read this..heheheh..

  10. Thanks for sharing. I think we just need to be honest with ourselves in what we're wanting. I like your honesty, what you have mentioned rings true and has given me some pointers to work on!


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