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Saturday, December 24, 2011

History of Christmas

Christ's exact birth date is not known. Traditions says that is was celebrated as early as 98 AD.In 137 AD, the Bishop of Rome ordered Christ's birthday to be celebrated as a solemn feast. In 350 AD, the then Bishop of Rome, Julius I, chose December 25th for the observance of Christmas.

It was believe that Christmas traditions were celebrated way back centuries before Christ was born. Some of the theories claimed that Christmas celebrartion was invented by Christians to compete with the pagan's December celebration and eventually the church succeeded in integrating lights, gifts and some of the merriments from the Saturnalia festival into Christmas Celbrations. Saturnalia is a fesrtival celebrated by the Romans for their god Saturn which ran from 17 to 24 December. Celebrations includes exchanging of good luck gifts with friends, masquerades in the streets and festive meals. Sacaea, celebrated by the Persians and Babylonians, was a similar festival during which slaves and masters would exchange roles. They  used decorations of garlands of laurel and green trees lit with candles. The fun and festivities in honour of a pagan god were frowned on by the early Christians who wanted to keep the birth of Christ a solemn and a religious festival.

Gifts giving, caroling's,church processions and the 12 dyas of Christmas can be all traced back to the early Mesopotamians.During winter the sun would disappear in Scandinavia and when it returned, a Yuletide celebration was held and a special feast served around a burning Yule log fire. Early Europians believed in evil spirits.As the dark winter days approached,celebrations and special rituals were held to drive away the evil and welcome back the sun.The Celtic culture of the British Isles revered all green plants, particularly mistletoe and holly  and were become  important symbols of fertility and used for decorating homes and altars. The earliest English reference to 25 December as Christmas Day dates back from 1043.

Although the true spirit of Christmas has not been known to others,it  remains as a  traditional time for the families family reunions,enjoy a meal, exchange presents and make merry.

Merry Christmas!  however you choose to celebrate it.


  1. Christmas origin is not, of course, certain. It's exact date is not known. Whenever Christmas' date doesn't point to the Lord's way of saving ourselves from our sins. The main reason why Christmas is celebrated is the greatest love of our Heavenly Father manifested through the birth of His Son, Jesus. Merry Christmas & a prosperous new year ahead of us!

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  2. a very relevant post for this very special day, merry christmas tess!!

  3. meri x'mas to u and to ur family ms tess:) keep on blogging and doing relevant posts like this one!

  4. Very informative, a blessed Christmas to you and your family.

  5. Very informative I actually knew it but I cannot spoil the happiness of our children they feel this season. Merry Christmas at least most people receive bonuses on this season.
    Fit and Fashion Mom
    Raketer Mama
    From wala to okay

  6. all we know is at Christmas we celebrate God's love to mankind as He gave his only son Jesus Christ. that's enough proof, whatever the date it really doesn't matter...

    but i didn't know about the Saturn thing...nice and informative post...

  7. The origin of Christmas is not really that important for me. Ang importante sakin ay ang paskong cinicelebrate natin ngayon. It is all about giving, loving, family and happiness. Hehehe.

  8. I have read different interpretations about Christmas and its origin too from different authors.

    Christ's exact date of birth being unknown to people appears to be the most famous line of all.

    Merry Christmas Tess and have a blessed 2012.

  9. Accounts may differ on the origin of Christmas but the tradition in which we celebrate the coming of Jesus Christ is what matters most.

    You have here a very nice account how Christmas became what it is today.

  10. Very true what you said about spending it with family. Meron kasi na porke may namamagitan na alitan sa pamilya, hindi na nagsasama sa panahong ito.

  11. Merry Christmas and happy new year again


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