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Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines


Tourism department's local campaign slogan.

Tourism department's international campaign slogan.

It’s more fun in the Philippines is the  new tourism slogan  by the Department of Tourism.Despite the  recent calamities in our country we still believe that the country is still worth visiting for.Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. said during the event that they "want the world not to watch but to participate" in the new campaign and that we need a line that is easily understood.So what is "more fun" to do in the Philippines?see their new website .The DOT is confident to reach the target  of 10 million tourist by year 2016 and expects some 4.2 tourist this year.The Philippines has  not only the best tourist attractions in the world  but wherever you go, it's the Filipinos that will make your holiday unforgettable.In fact, Lonely Planet guidebook calls us 'among the most easygoing and ebullient people anywhere,'" the website said.

Here are some of the place worth visiting for.
Palawan, known for  white sand beaches , exotic wild lifeand the underground river.
Banaue Rice Terraces,described as the Eighth Wonder of the World
Boracay, world's famous  beach.
Corregidor Island, a historical site and a tourist destination
Bohol, which has the world famous Chocolate Hills and  diving spots like Panglao and Balicasag
Vigan City ,Ilocos Sur, where you can find the St. Paul’s Cathedral - built in 1790-1800,Palacio de Arzobispado,Old Vigan Colonial Houses
Tubbataha Reefs, an excellent diving spot located in the Sulu Sea of the Philippines.

I agree that the Philippines has lots to offer but there  are also a lot  of things to be done such as the airport where in the corrupt immigration and custom personnel are waiting , the dirty environment surrounding the airport , heavy traffic and more.

Good luck Philippines ! May the new slogan boost the tourism industry.


  1. Ako rin naniniwalang mas masaya sa Pinas kaya suporta ako dito, ang problema, sa mga foreigner natin ibinibenta ang Pinas para bisitahin nila ito, kaso sa dami ng lumalabas ng negative news tungkol sa Pinas, goodluck sa atin :D

  2. Despite everything that's going on, I, too, believe it's more fun in the Philippines. Like they say, there's no place like home. :D

  3. Masaya dito sa Pinas despite all the negative stuff that's been going on we Filipinos remain optimistic...

    Good luck to us indeed! I pray this new attack to invite more tourist in the country will be more successful than before.

  4. I agree that there are SO MANY beautiful places in the Philippines (you only have to visit my blog to see some hehe) and so many wonderful things to do. Let's all help the DOT to promote Philippine travel!

  5. Its all up to us to help make it true ... that it is more fun in the Philippines ... I actually tell this to my Aussie callers when they ask where I'm from ... I tell them I'm in Manila and that in case they do not know, its more fun in the Philippines :)

  6. I am very positive and very confident about this new campaign. Go go go DOT!!!!>...

  7. proud to travel Pinas at its provinces... 30 more to go ...

  8. i hope that the govt will also take action on the airport stuff. it would be a great welcome to the tourist. however, let's continue to support the DOT through the social media.

  9. Go Philippines we can do it..

  10. it's really fun in the phil. dami kaya pwede puntahan. =)

  11. and here's wishing we can sustain the campaign and the fun, too!

  12. The new slogan is actually catchy. It arouses curiosity as to why it is "more fun" in the Philippines than other countries. It's just sad to see some Filipinos making fun of it instead of supporting the campaign and boost the country's tourism. Well, good luck Philippines.


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