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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Recall your Mother's Best Meal

After a busy day at work or school, we cannot wait for one of our mom's delicious lunch or supper.For me, some of my mom's best menu consists of Pork Sinigang (buto buto or liempo), pork chop, beef steak, chop suey.On special occasions, she cooks her famous pancit palabok, rice cake(biko), lumpiang sariwa and bopis. In addition, of course, New Year is not complete without her Bulalo (Filipino beef bone marrow soup)

I always remember my mother preparing our food everyday, going to the market to buy anything that will fit to her tight budget but she always make sure that get all the nutrition we needed and at the same enjoying the food she is serving us.Mom's scrumptious meals are always something to look forward to .But now that I am a mother myself, I make sure that my children enjoys my cooking just like when I was a kid.This post reminds me too of my mom's birthday next month .She will be 70 years old and will be throwing a big party.Sadly,me and my kids cannot be there  on her big day.Happy birthday mother dear!We love you.

Pork Sinigang

1 kilo pork, cut into chunks
2 pcs. onions,sliced
2 big tomatoes, quartered
1 bundle kangkong, cut into 2 inches long
1 bundle sitaw/string beans, cut into 2 inches long
2 pcs. raddish,sliced
3 pcs. gabi(taro)
4 pcs. jalapeƱo pepper(siling pangsigang)
3 tbsp fish sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
10 pcs tamarind or 1 packet sinigang mix

Coooking Instructions:

Boil sampalok in water until soft ,strain to get all the juices and the water out of the tamarind,set aside.
In a large pot, boil pork. remove scum .Add tomatoes ,onion,taro and continue boiling until the meat is tender.
Add the tamarind extract or the sinigang mix. Put enough amount according to your taste. Add fish sauce ,salt and pepper to taste.
Add the remaining vegetables. Let it boil for 2 minutes or until the vegetables are done but not over cooked.
Serve hot with rice .


  1. Got me!My wife and I love Sinigang next to Adobo and this makes a perfect pair with 'danggit (dried fish)' from cebu. Oh we really love it. However, I am doing Chicken Adobo now, so I will try your recipe tommorow. Thanks for sharing your wonderful Sinigang.

  2. naku naman, Pork Sinigang, miss na miss ko na 'yan, BTW meron nang Pork dito sa Qatar, 3Kilos for 200QR sa QDC, hmmm… 1QR=11.86Php ganon siya kamahal

  3. I love sinigang too, although I prefer sugpo rather than pork. In my case, nothing beats my mom's bechamel pesto. It's creamy with a touch of tomato and herbs.

    Anyway, I wish your mom good health and long life. I hope you get to see her soon. :)

  4. You bet! Sinigang is one of my favorite dish. That sour taste that stings the tongue and the delicious taste that will linger until you have swallowed what you have put in your mouth. Sinigang! I'm drooling now...

  5. My mom makes really good misua guisado ... as in the best ... super sarap! She's gonna be teaching me the secret recipe so hopefully I can cook it the way she does

  6. wow..this kind of food make me homesick i miss my mom.

  7. your pork sinigang is also my favorite ulam.... very nice post...

  8. pork sinigang is katakam-takam.. while commenting this I feeling hungry talking about sinigang , hehehe will ask our messenger to search for sinigang next to our building :)

  9. This is very tempting to do but alas, I'm vegetarian...

  10. Mothers who cook are among the best mothers in the planet! Ohhh I never get tired of beef steak and chop suey.

  11. Pork/beef Siningang is my favorite. Haha. The only food I can cook perfectly. Lol. Sarap pang spare ribs. Dumidikit ang laman sa buto. Yummy. :)

  12. kakawork out ko lang... ang sarap nito! try ko ang recipe mo! thanks!

  13. Omg ang favorite ko! I love sinigang, eto din Lang ang dish I can cook well . Favorite ko sya sa Buto-Buto. I love the way my mom cooks sinigang with Gabi pa. And Nung Wala pa yung sinigang powder before, we use fresh tamarind from our backyard... Yummy! ;-)

  14. This i my favorite.. Sinigang !! mapa shrimp, pork, beef .. basta sinigang ..

  15. OMG, pork sinigang is the best but my mum cook me adobo and pancit, two of my most fave viand by her.

    I missed my mum already!

  16. sinigang is one of my faves!

    well, my mother always cooks me nilagang karne ng baboy. :)

  17. Like mother. Like daughter. You're following the footsteps of your mother especially in the field of cooking. You're a thoughtful daughter. You prepare something to especially honor her That's nice of you.

  18. Oh, dang... nabasa ko palang ang word na sampalok, naglaway na ako. haha!

    Yung luto ni nanay, ganito rin.. well, except for the gabi and string beans, Hindi nya nilalagyan. Pechay ata ang nilalagay, tsaka a few slices of repolyo, then radish, of course. :D Kanya-kanyang istilo din ng pagluluto, but that was one great dish. I love my nanay.

    Thanks for sharing your recipe, ms tess.

  19. Wow I never learned any recipe from my mom though she is a good cook. Thank you for your recipe.

  20. Para sa'yo Tess

    Malinaw na nakasulat na masarap talaga magluto si Nanay mo,
    At na mana mo ang kanyang talento at galing sa pagluto.
    Yan din ang pamana ni Nanay ko na ibinahagi ko rin sa ibang tao.
    Kaya ngayon si Nanay ko naman ang pinagluluto ko.

    Nako nakakagutom basahin ang iyong rekado,
    Kaya aalis na ako para magluto ng aking paborito.
    Hanggang sa muli Tess-Torrecampo,
    Hindi na i-sali ang isa pang apelyedo.
    At sana'y hindi ka magbabago.

    -Jenny O'Toole

  21. Kakagutom! My mom's best meal is her home-made Minatamis na Baka. Yes, she cooks a lot of good food but my siblings and I can replicate those now EXCEPT for the Minatamis na Baka which is why it still holds a special place in my heart.

    Thanks to your post, I'll be cooking sinigang again soon!

  22. note to myself , don't read this blog when you are hungry hhahaha

  23. my mom doesn't know how to cook :) well, fried fish she did cook a few times but she never tried to cook something other than that :)

  24. Being a mom is such a rewarding task. We can never thank our mother enough for those incomparable passion they have shown to us in different ways. Not until we become a mother ourselves.

    Hmm, parang feeling ko tuloy Mother's Day na. hehe.

  25. I remember this post from yesterday I think and craved for Sinigang. I didn't have all the ingredients with me so I ended up ordering one from our suking lutong-bahay. Yum yum yum. Sinigang is definitely one of my all time comfort food!

  26. Thanks for the recipe! What I liked most is my Mom's suman and pineapple carrot cake. Hmmm this make me thought of creating a website for Filipinos to post their Pinoy recipes...

  27. favorite ko yan sabi nga nila kahit nasaan ka man hahanap hanapin mo pa rin ang luto sa bahay nio o nung bata ka pa

  28. i love sinigang my favorite na specialty ni mama ay cheese pimiento sandwich..

  29. sayang...i don't eat pork ;(


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