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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Phil Health Circular No.22 s.2011 - New Premium Contribution

Circular No. 22 s.2011.

Subject: New Premium Contributions to the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP) in Support to the Attainment of Universal Health Care and Millennium Development Goals (MDG).

So this is it, the goverment already made it clear to the public that whether we like it or not especially the OFW's, the proposed Phil health payment will be implemented. The rate will increase starting July 1 ,2012 from P900 to P2,400.More than one hundred percent increase is unacceptable even if we say that all the medical expenses rate is high.

Obviously ,this circular was made for all the OFW to comply.It is compulsary , else we will not be allowed to leave the country.They know better than us that all OFW's will pay no matter what the costs are just to leave and work overseas.It is an opportunitiy for the POEA  to get hold of the OFW'S hard earned money with consent.A legal way of  thief and robbery in my opinion.Just imagine how many OFW's are processing their exit document daily .It would be  millions of pesos yearly that only a few will benefit or shall we say the corrupt government will benefit the most.


  1. naku they should refrain from implementing this. OFWs are already sacrificing their lifestyle and money, now even in the choice of paying their health insurance?

    sana paunti-unti man lang muna, hindi naman biglaan.


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