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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Manny Pacquiao Lost, Facebook Won, Bradley Nevermind

Disappointed Filipino people flooded facebook wall with shout outs, funny photos,comments and all.
    -‎"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy! My name is MANNY! So HUG me BRADLEY! #PacShet #GayBoxing #Sabaw" -There's a new -- and controversial -- WBO welterweight champ. Timothy Bradley, after apparently trailing the entire fight, won a split decision over Manny Pacquiao to improve to 29-0.
    -Top sports analysts favored pacquiao to win --> Yahoo! Sports scored it 117-111 for Pacquiao, the same margin as Tim Dahlberg of the Associated Press and Steve Carp of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Dan Rafael of ESPN had it 118-110 for Pacquiao. HBO's Harold Lederman had it 119-109, or 11 rounds to one, for Pacquiao.
    -The two mistakes Manny did today:1 He played against Bradley ..
    He Did not knock him out when he has the chance to do so ..
    - Hey, Bradley won the game,
    And this is crazy!
    But I did my part,
    So BRIBE me maybe!
    -Looks like Manny & Jessica had one thing in common when they faced an American opponent...
    -Bradley cried, he himself couldn't believe he won!
    -Great post fight interview by Manny. Imagine if Floyd was robbed, how much an ass he would be. He's an ass even in victory. Manny spoke well"
    -I think Bradley won~if you base the points on number of hugs counted. #PacBradley hahahahaha..agree!
    - Analyst Ronnie Nathanielsz: "Even students, those who haven't finished K-12 yet, know Pacquiao won." LOL 
    -Compubox scores Pac vs Bradley: total punches landed 253-159, jabs landed 63-61, power punches landed 190-108. (from
    -It's official. The referees saw a different fight. 



    - Cheer up guys, nothing to be upset about.
    Manny played and did his best, but the judges were not on the same level ..  
    - I'm pretty sure Mayweather is partying right now with his boyfriend, Bieber. 
    - We here at PEBA are sports, we can accept defeat, but look at the PUNCHES landed. Human error?

    -RT from ABS-CBN: CompuBox Numbers: Manny lands 34% (253/751), Bradley lands 19% (159/839). Manny landed more in 10 of 12 rounds -*E fuck shit, how did Bradley win? DAMN
    -‎#PacShet judges. :)) Split decision, my ass.
    -rematch = more money for them. That`s it, and they know it. :D- it would be easy to accept his loss if i didn't see how many punches had landed on Bradley, even the commentators are surprised with the decision. bradley's girl got surprised upon hearing her lover won.
    -Pacquiao's lost. People who watched at the vigan convention center went out disappointed.
    -It's all about the money, money, money...Never mind Manny, Manny, Manny...sounds like Arum is singing..
    -Surprisingly Bradley won when it is supposed to be Manny..a big what?! #booo
    - To the tune of "Price Tag...Natalo na si Manny Manny Manny"Tinalo na ni Bradley Bradley Bradley "Umiyak si Jinkee, nahimatay si Mommy D"
    -Yung pagkatalo nya ay parang sa Lakers lang din this season: weather-weather lang yan. XD
    -Yakap at takbo lang ginawa panalo na? Aba, bago na pala ang basehan ng pagkuha ng scores sa boxing..tsk!
    - hahahahahahahaha olatz tau mommy ha?
      -KNOCKOUT PATI SI PACMOM!-katakot lumabas at magjoke, daming masama ang loob at galit,Talo c ninong Manny jejeje 
      -Si Pacquiao daw may 190 punches si Bradley may 5 Hugs.
      -inangkin nang CHINA ang ibang Scores ni Manny.... tsk tsk... #laughtrip -HAHA NA
       -Iba n tlga laban ngaun! Mas madaming yakap Panalo! Hanggang L.A . Lakas mkaPBBTEENS! Haha  -Since nanalo na si Timothy Becky, I mean si Bradly, malaman sabagong point system style ng boxing (yakapan at takbuhan) malamang lumaban na si Floyd Gayweather..I mean Mayweather..damn! my keyboard sucks.. I mean stuck! :))
      - sana si Bradley na lang binugbog nila hindi si XD-Kalokohan ito, ginawang bobo ang mga audience
      . Hindi ako pabor dito. Si Pacquiao dapat ang panalo.

      All photos from Facebook users


      1. Na-sad ako sa result pero okay na din. naka-move on na ngayon. Haha. Natutuwa ako sa mga tweets kanina din eh :)

      2. Wow, a fast blogpost indeed! Haha. :)

        Well, I did think the fight wasn't fair. Not because Pacquiao is pinoy and I'm from the Philippines. I really don't care about nationality and stuff because for me we are all just humans without those races. But base on te fight, it did seem unfair. Manny was well and didn't really get knocked out or anything but he lost while the other party even felt dizzy. lmao. I'm sure the market is involved here, like always. Being paid, fast cash and making things interesting for the viewers. That's business for you.

      3. Uy! kasama yung kanta ko! :)

        (-It's all about the money, money, money...Never mind Manny, Manny, Manny...sounds like Arum is singing..)

      4. I didn't watch the fight but feels like I did since I'm updated through FB and twitter. Sad. :(

      5. hahaha.. super tawa naman ako specially Mirriam D's participation. sayang talaga yung WBO belt but for sure Pacman can get it back on November.. Im sure lahat ng Pinoy excited sa "Pacman Resbak" hahaha :))

      6. Haha.. That's hilarious! Even social media have been affected on that fight. I still believe that Manny deserves to win, he made a great performance.

        Latest on Manny Pacquiao

      7. Talaga naman ang pinoy, pagdating talaga sa mga ganyan wagas hahaha

      8. I'm not a big fan of boxing, but the result of the Pacquiao-Bradley match was really disappointing. Actually, even non-Filipinos expressed their disbelief.. *sigh* Anyway, congratulations still to Pacman for putting up a great fight. We clearly know who's the winner.

      9. some of those quotes/ tweets were funny some i find insulting, true we are saddened by Manny's loss...but do we have to always feel na nadaya or dinaya? sometimes we just have to accept things...another recount like the AI results?

      10. hahaha! Doon talaga ako natawa sa pic ni Bradley with the Claudine and Raymart. Kasi naman yung mukha ni Bradley parang sinasakal talaga! Dun man lang makaganti! It doesn't take a genius to know that Manny really won. Ninakawan man sya ng title, may many many money pa rin sya. Sana maambunan tayo hehe.

      11. I enjoyed reading those FB comments... Nakakatuwa! Iba-ibang reaksyon, iba-ibang patutsada...Even those pictures made me smile!! Napaka-creative talaga ng mga Pinoys! Kahit na anong event ang masaksihan ng mga Pinoy, we can make something creative or funny out of it!

      12. LOL! ppl should understand that Manny can't be a winner all the time...dapat tanggapin na lang nila pagkatalo nya. We've watched the entire fight through live streaming online and I was thankful we never paid a cent just to watch it. Talo din naman pala. hehhe!

      13. Hahahaha! I haven't seen the fight pa. It's just funny how us Filipinos could drastically react when we lose. I really don't have much to say about the fight but based on Manny's interviews, I think we should just concede and wait for November.


      Your comments are highly appreciated. Thank you!