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Monday, June 25, 2012

Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's New Boyfriend

The 36 year old controversial porn star mom, Nadya Suleman, who is known to media as Octomom for giving birth to octuplets and six older children via in vitro fertilization (IVF) is now  dating Frankie G, a 23 year old  amateur bodybuilder. 

Frankie G doesn't mind dating  Nadya. Hopefully, this is the man for her who will take care of her and all her children. "It has its moment," he admitted. "Obviously she has a lot of kids, but it's wonderful. I enjoy it. And she's a wonderful person -- she has a wonderful heart."

In a Twitter photo posted June 9, Suleman posed with her new bodybuilder boyfriend, who was holding a trophy. "So proud of you Frankie!" she wrote.

Nadya met Frankie in church and their age differenece is never a problem because she has a mind of an 18 year old. I just can imagine a  guy dating a woman with lots of issues going on in her life. Well, whatever the guys reason for dating her is non of our darn business. If he is  after the media and free publicity, then he got it. 


  1. Whoaaa I didnt knw shes a pornstar! And thats a lucky steal! one hot bofyie!

  2. Oh wow! She's a super woman, I suppose.

    Rizza (beingwell)

  3. Grabe siya pala yun... I saw her tummy parang na surgery na.. iba na kasi ung pusod niya ..

  4. OMG! As in octomom? I must be outdated coz this is the first time I learned about it through your blog.

  5. oohhh thanks for giving us a heads up from news in other places. makes us more aware about people like Nadya. but gosh he's dating a younger guy, what a luck! :D

  6. I am not familiar with them actually but now I somehow have an idea. Haha Thanks for sharing this.

  7. At least with his body building ways, he way be able to carry the octoplets at the same time. =>

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  9. I really like her video
    She's much better in there than in real life. But on the other hand she's supposed to be a mom, not a MILF


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