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Friday, June 8, 2012

No-Nonsense Online Tools for No-Nonsense Entities

If you weren’t born yesterday, you know the old adage, “Time is gold.” In this ever-evolving world we live in, time is of the essence. While there, indeed, is a place and time for everything, for most businesses, especially those that are yet to stand out in a sea of new and established businesses, no-nonsense is the rule of the game. Such being the case, here are three no-nonsense tools that are cost-efficient and reliable:


For every business, productivity is a gem. And if you’re the business owner, more often than not, you’re constantly on the lookout for tools that can potentially enhance your employees’ efficiency metrics. Nowadays, with the emergence of the Internet and other breakthrough technologies, most companies use CRMs and intranets to do just that. But if you’re just starting out, affording these tools might be easier said than done. is a cloud-based CRM and social intranet platform that’s free for small companies consisting of up to a maximum of 12 employees. It comes with an efficient CRM system, activity planner, calendar, real-time streaming, sales funnel, messaging system and a whole host of other awesome features. If your business consists of more than 12 employees, subscription stands at $99 per month.


Nowadays, finding the right domain for a website may not be as easy as it may sound. Millions and millions of top-level domains have already been registered, and thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, are registered every single day. Recognizing this for a fact, branding agencies, as a result, charge a steep price for their services. What do you suggest a poor fellow do? Call in the crowd. is a crowdsourcing pool of over 50,000 namer contributors. To start receiving suggestions from this diverse group of people, register as a client, pay the $50 deposit for a name or domain (a slogan is pegged at $75) and specify your naming requirements. And here’s a deal no one in his right mind is bound to refuse: If nothing suits your naming needs, you get a refund.


Expedia, Orbitz and CheapFlights are a few of the household names for third-party airfare websites. They’re known to provide cheap airfare tickets to consumers looking to make the most of their money. But airlines nowadays aren’t pitching their best deals to price-comparison websites anymore. They only work in tandem with third-party sites they have contracts with. So what the consumer does is hop from ticketing site to airline site to flight site (and everything else in between) to find the cheapest possible deal. Time-consuming, labor-intensive, and JetRadar is out to put a stop to all this. is a meta search engine that filters through hundreds and hundreds of airline, flight and ticketing sites for the cheapest airfare deal possible. What JetRadar intends to accomplish is provide the best deals to the average consumer while significantly cutting down on the time it normally takes to obtain such a deal, all in a single web destination. 


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