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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

I already made a post, Meet my Father, about my loving father 2 years ago. My father is well respected and loved by all his siblings, relatives and in our community.

Papa, is the oldest of 8 children, born and raised from Bicol. When he was a teenager he tried his luck in Manila, got a job as a boy in a small grocery store owned by Chinese couple. The store became one of the big canned food manufacturing company where my father worked for more than 45 years until his retirement day. He was the number one employee and treated as a son of the Chinese couple.

He is the best husband to my mother and a good father to his children whose simple dream was to send all of his 7 children to college and be somebody someday. All his life, he did nothing but work hard for his family. Me and my siblings never saw him fight with our mother. He is a kind hearted man who never thinks nor says bad words against other people.


  1. wow! bicolano din daddy ko pati asawa ko from sorsogon din! I guess they all share the same passion to make all their dreams come true! kaya very hardworking sila! kudos to our dads!

    1. oo nga, mga Bicolano na mapagmahal sa pamilya

  2. That's one inspiring Dad. :)

  3. thanks for your great share.. hope every dad is like yours.

  4. Most FATHERS are MEN of few words
    but men of many DREAMS for the family.
    They may not be outspoken about their
    plans but they do their BEST to give and provide.


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