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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today is my Wedding Day !

At last after a long days and sleepless nights of preparations from wedding dress to entourage to reception here comes the much awaited Wedding Day.

This it! There is no turning back and we are going to marry the love of our life. But no matter how happy you both are on the special day you cannot help but worry .The groom waiting uneasily inside the church, worried that the bride might change her mind and won't show up anymore while the bride on the other hand is worried of being late on the wedding ceremony because the wedding gown doesn't fit well and the make up didn't turn out to be as perfect as she want it to be.

How was your wedding day? How excited or worried were you during that day? Please share your experiences here. Have you had any regret being married to her/him?

Note" This bog was posted in Qatar living/Filex group on Sat, 30/08/2008 when one of my friends got married in Doha, Qatar. My oldest son was the coin bearer while my youngest one was only 1 month old then. And of course my family is not complete without my handsome husband on his blue polo shirt .

The bride looks gorgeous on her white wedding dress and the equally good looking groom on his black suit. The wedding was simple yet elegant with only few closed friends and some relatives as witnessed on their very special day.The reception was held in a hotel function room and attended by more friends who shared with their happiness and at the same time enjoyed the good food and programs prepared by the wedding coordinator. The couples eyes was filled with love and joy and was indeed a night to cherished ."


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